Dry Shampoo

    What is Dry Shampoo?

    Dry shampoo absorbs dirt, oil, and grease from hair without washing it. Dry shampoo is used to freshen hair after a workout, retain the blowout style for longer, or battle humidity while commuting. It is suitable for people with disabilities and those who require assistance with hair washing and showers. The best dry hair shampoo prevents hair damage and scalp build-up when used properly. 


    Precautions while using a Dry Hair Shampoo

    Dry shampoo is most commonly available in the spray bottle format. It has an alcohol or starch base that soaks up grease from the hair and cleans without using water. Hair experts believe that it is suitable as a substitute for a hair wash without water and can be used sparingly. However, consider it a freshener for hair since it does not cleanse the hair of dirt and impurities. Unlike some shampoos that moisturise the hair, dry shampoo is formulated to dry out the hair strands and may cause them to break. It can also leave residue on the scalp resulting in inflammation and rashes if you discontinue the regular shampoo. Dry shampoo products can be used on dry or oily hair twice or thrice a week. Use it less often in case of curly or textured hair, and ensure you follow the regular hair care regime.


    Range of Dry Shampoos at Cosmetize

    Cosmetize has a range ofdry shampoo products suitable for your hair type. Visit the website to explore our collection of the best dry hair shampoos available at exciting prices and great deals. Some of the best hair care brands like Fudge, Paul Mitchell, Joico, Creme of nature, TIGI Bed Head, Nioxin, label.m, and Cantu are available at Cosmetize.


    Fudge dry shampoo contains ingredients that nourish your hair to perfection resulting in silky and smooth hair that smell great and make your hair feel fresh, clean, and fragrant. Use this shampoo to refresh and cleanse your hair instantly without a single drop of water. You can include it in your hair care regime between consecutive washes to freshen your hair. With ingredients like apricot kernel oils, the fudge dry shampoo gives you smooth and soft hair that lasts long. Its spray-on powder technology is great for easy application.


    Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is an excellent product with a unique time-saving dry wash formula and is suitable for all hair types. It protects coloured tresses and is paraben-free giving a fresh and elegant look when you are in a rush. Try the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash for hair that smells great with no flaky residue and feels fresh and revived.


    Best Dry Hair Shampoos 


    S. No.

    Cosmetize Bestseller

    Cosmetize Best Price


    Fudge Dry Shampoo - 200ml



    Paul Mitchell Dry Wash - 300ml



    Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Moisturizing Dry Defense Shampoo - 12oz



    Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo - 255ml



    Nioxin Instant Fullness - 180ml



    label.m Brunette Dry Shampoo - 200ml



    Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash - 141g



    Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash - 141g



    Nioxin Instant Fullness - 65ml



    label.m Dry Shampoo - 200ml



    Quick fix for your hair on the go!

    Continue your regular hair wash routine and turn to the best dry hair shampoo to solve your hair problems when you can’t use water. Avoid using dry hair shampoo for more than two days in continuation, and take a break after three months of usage to prevent scalp and hair damage. Different types of dry hair shampoos can add volume, handle extra oily hair, cover undyed roots, and take care of your hair styling needs. Try dry shampoo products for a quick fix and avoid greasiness to get fresh-looking and great-smelling hair. 



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