Balancing Shampoo

    What is a hair balancing shampoo?

    Healthy hair is the goal of almost every hair care regime. Hair that is moisturised and has a natural shine can be achieved by avoiding various hair problems. Hair balancing shampoos are the answer to many such concerns that you may face. They help you cleanse your hair and balance the moisture levels in the hair and scalp. A flaky scalp with dry hair can cause imbalance and these shampoos are experts at tackling such issues. Hair balancing shampoos have ingredients that moisturise the dry areas and avoid an oily, itchy scalp. They are exceptional at managing long hair with split ends, or colour-treated hair. 


    Benefits of Hair Balancing Shampoos

    Hair strands are affected by the acidity levels of shampoos and conditioners that you apply. Avoiding sulphates, parabens, and other artificial ingredients may help you choose the right hair products but it is equally important to check the pH levels of the hair care products that you use. Your hair is too alkaline if you experience itching, flaking, or dryness i.e. cuticles are opened and result in a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp. pH balancing shampoos can protect the hair by keeping the cuticle sealed, minimising frizz, reducing dryness, preventing breakage, and avoiding tangling. They do not strip the hair of natural oils and also keep the colour from fading and coils from breaking. 


    Hair Balancing Shampoo Range at Cosmetize

    Cosmetize has a range of carefully selected hair balancing shampoos that are perfect for every hair type. Use these shampoos with conditioners to unlock potential benefits and enjoy healthy hair. At Cosmetize, some of the best balancing shampoo brands are curated for your needs. These include  Paul Mitchell, Cantu, Joico, Matrix, Label M, Crème of Nature, Elasta QP, Fudge, and many more.


    Creme of Nature Shampoos are available for managing balance and providing proper nourishment to hair. They cleanse the hair without making it dry and prevent dryness by locking moisture. Label m shampoos moisturise hair without weighing it down or making it heavy. They replace moisture, restore shine and give you a stylish finish. These are perfect hair repairing and cleansing products infused with organic ingredients that are suitable for every hair type. Men’s shampoos with balancing properties to restore moisture, and remove excess oil, irritants, and product residue work by clarifying and balancing the scalp and hair.




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    Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil Sulphate Free Shampoo - 8oz



    Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo - 100ml



    Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo - 1000ml



    Creme Of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo - 20oz



    CurlyChic Rice Water Remedy Revitalizing Hair Rinse Spray - 8oz



    KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo - 8oz



    Fudge Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo - 1000ml



    Joico Hydrasplash Hydrating Shampoo - 1000ml



    Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo - 12oz



    label.m Organic Lemongrass Shampoo - 1000ml



    Deep Cleansing for Shiny and Smooth Hair

    Maintaining the hair’s natural balance is critical and products that are suitable for different hair types will work to neutralise the alkalinity in the hair. You can use hair balancing shampoos once or twice a week or even daily to keep your hair looking cleaner for longer and avoid hair problems due to imbalanced hair. Conditioners with acidity regulators will help maintain balance and keep your hair healthy. Pamper your hair with balancing shampoos that contain protein, vitamins, and softening ingredients like shea butter and aloe. Experience soft and manageable hair with hair balancing shampoos that deliver moisture and remove excess oil. 




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