Nails to die for!


    Are you someone who spends hours on social media looking at the gorgeous nail art accounts? Well, now you too can achieve such beautiful nails with nail makeup products from Cosmetize. Its easy to experiment with your nail makeup at home itself without spending a bomb at the nail salon. But for that you will need some supplies on hand. And you can find all these supplies at Cosmetize!

    Nail trends are ever changing and Cosmetize updates its products lists frequently to reflect that change. Along with nail care products you can now flaunt the trendiest colours on your nails. So relax and sit back as you select the best nail makeup and nail care products for your nails. 


    Nail makeup products


    Nail polish


    It's crucial to have a few of your favourite nail polishes on hand in your manicure kit. Select some neutral tones as well as reds, pinks, and nudes, to complement your skin tone. Numerous nail polish colours from Cosmetize, in glitter, matte, metallic, pearl, glossy, and many more formats, will help you improve your nail appearance. Glamorise your nails with glitter nail polish or use metallic nail polish for a more edgy appearance. For evening social engagements, silver nail polish is perfect.


    Gel nail polish


    Gel nail polish on smoothly and leaves a glossy finish. Gel colours offer a significant amount of shine and depth. Certain hues can last for multiple weekends. A variety of glossy, shimmering, or metallic colours in gel textures are available at Cosmetize. Select a flirty pink for your coffee date or an alluring red for the dinner date. 


    Top and base coats


    If you want your nail colour to last longer invest in a top coat and a base coat. The base coat will prevent your nail from turning yellow with prolonged nail polish usage. The top coat will stop your nail polish from chipping. You can use gel top coats over matte nail polish to get the long-lasting effects of gel nail polish. Cosmetize also carries speed dry varieties so that you don’t waste your time waiting for your paint to dry. 


    Nail care products


    Just like healthy hydrated skin makes a great base for your makeup, so do healthy nails. And when you continuously experiment with different colours and nail polish types on your nails, a good nail polish remover is your BFF. Select from a variety of options in nail polish remover from Cosmetize which won’t leave your nails yellow and brittle. 

    Buy a nail strengthener which will make your nails strong and break resistant. You should also keep a cuticle oil in your manicure kit to soften your cuticles.


    Build your mani-pedi kit today!


    With the variety Cosmetize has to offer in the nail makeup and care products section, you will find it easy to build your own mani-pedi kit. While building your mani-pedi kit, don’t forget to look into the scrubs and creams for hand and foot.


    So, what are you waiting for? Get choosing the nail polish of your dreams now!



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