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    There are thousands of ways and products available in the market that are used by Men and Women to amplify their overall look. While the list of cosmetic products for men has an end, there seems to be no full stop to the variety of cosmetic products available for women in the market. Starting from head to toe, there are a plethora of products used by women to uplift their whole look.


    Nails are also an important part of a woman’s overall look. Trying on different nail paints and nail arts is like therapy. It is therapeutic for some women, relieves stress, and good nail art gives you a sense of accomplishment. But it is quite normal that your brush might go here and there while copying that nail art you saw on Pinterest & other platforms.


    Also, nail paints are loved by all women, but it is hard to get rid of them. The nail polishes you use contain ingredients like plasticisers, film formers and colour pigments. These ingredients unanimously work together to give you an even coating that quickly dries up. So while your nail polish can last for more than a week, it is a tiring task to get rid of it.


    Making mistakes is normal; that is why they make acetone.


    You don’t have to be disheartened if your nail art doesn’t end up being perfect. Nail Removers are going to help you. Nail Polish Removers are mainly of two types: Acetone Nail Polish Removers and Non-Acetone Polish Removers.


    Acetone Nail Polish Removers: Acetone is a powerful solvent and is commonly used in Nail Polish Removers. Acetone not just removes nail polish but is strong enough to remove Artificial Nails made from acrylic or gel. While Acetone Nail Polish Removers are the most effective ones, it also makes your skin dry by stipping it off the natural oils. 


    Non-Acetone Nail Polish Removers: Non-Acetone Removers are the ones that use less aggressive solvents. These Nail Polish Removers include ingredients like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate. These Nail Polish Removers are not harsh on your skin, and they also include moisturising agents like glycerin and soy that minimises the drying effect. 


    Nail Removers help you in multiple ways. If the nail paint in your old nail paint bottle is drying up, then add a few drops of Nail Remover to the bottle and shake well. This will make your old nail polish reusable.


    At Cosmetize UK, we have various Nail Remover Products including Artificial Nail Remover, Nail Polish Remover that is perfect for giving you salon finish nails in the comfort of your home.



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