Nothing is more memorable than a smell!


    A Woman without Fragrance is like a flower without scent. Good Fragrance Bottles are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Your looks are noticed when you enter the room, but your Fragrance heralds your arrival, making those eyes wait. Fragrances are made from essential oils or aroma compounds, generally in liquid form. Your complete look would go unnoticed if you missed out to spray that Fragrance Bottle. 


    People who smell good are automatically more attractive. A good bottle of Fragrance adds a surreal charm to you. The history of Fragrances can be dated back to ancient times. 


    Not all Fragrance Products available in the market are the same. They differ based on their concentration, and if you don’t know all about them, you will surely spend more on an undeserving product. 


    Based on their concentration of essential oils and their base that is water, oil or alcohol, fragrances can be mainly divided into the following categories:


    Parfum or Perfume: Perfumes rank number one in this Fragrance List. They have the highest concentration of essential oils that is 30%. One application of a good parfum could last up to 24 hours. Given the concentration, it is easily comprehensible that perfumes have a very strong fragrance. They are usually heavier and oilier, highly recommended for sensitive skin people.  


    Eau De Parfum: It is made from nearly 20% of essential oils. It only lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Eau De Parfum has slightly more alcohol and water. 


    Eau De Toilette: Composed with the help of only 5% to 15% essential oils, Eau De Toilette is what you commonly buy in the name of “perfumes”. It is perfect for a small occasion as it only lasts for 2 to 3 hours. 


    Cologne: Popularly known as Eau De Cologne, it is the Lightest Fragrance Product of the tribe. Cologne is made from only 2% to 4% of essential oil extracts. Mostly labelled as genderless, colognes gained an inclination towards the masculine gender after reaching North America. However, it is available for women as well. Colognes last for a maximum of 2 hours and are cheap in comparison to the rest.


    Eau Fraiche: This category belongs to perfumes that are most diluted with essential oils and “perfume concentrations” of only 1% to 3%. The phrase ‘Eau Fraîche’ means freshwater that is the main ingredient of this perfume. It only lasts for an hour. 


    Your fragrance is your own story so choose wisely how you want it to be told. 


    Finding a Fragrance Bottle that best suits you is equivalent to the task of finding “the one”, tiring but exciting. There is no formula to find it out, but once you do, people notice that your friends and family can’t stop complimenting you.


    At Cosmetize UK, we offer a wide range of fragrances available in the UK market. We believe that each one of you is unique and has your own choices. Keeping in mind the variety of women we cater to, Cosmetize has curated a Fragrance List that will suit women from all the continents. We also have a separate list of products for both men and women.



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