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    Your child’s hair needs tenderness, love, and care!

    Have you wondered if your child needs different hair care products? There are compelling reasons why experts advise children must use hair care products specially formulated for them. A child’s scalp and skin produce six times less oil as compared to adults. Children are more sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, and colours. The chemicals used in adult hair care products can be harmful to their sensitive skin. The best kids' shampoo products are gentle on the hair and are enriched with ingredients to protect your child’s tresses. 


    How to choose the right shampoo for kids

    Your child may have short, long, curly, straight, thick, or thin hair. Irrespective of the hair type, regular washing is a good hygiene habit for healthy hair. Choose the best kids' shampoo products depending on the activities that your child is involved in, the hair texture, and the scalp type. Avoid harmful ingredients like ammonium lauryl sulphate, and select safe and natural ingredients like coconut oil that can provide nourishment to your child’s hair. Opt for mild shampoos that will not strip the hair of natural oils and are suitable for regular use. The best kids’ hair shampoos are gentle without irritating the skin or scalp. They soothe the skin and leave the hair fragrant and silky. Shampoos for infants and toddlers are designed with the special “no tears” formula. 


    Range of Kids Shampoo at Cosmetize

    At Cosmetize, we have curated a range of products that are suitable for your child’s hair. Browse through our kid's range to select the best kids’ shampoo products. Top brands including Dark and Lovely, Mixed Chicks, Paul Mitchell, African Pride, Aunt Jackie'sCurlyKids, Just For Me, Kids Originals by Africa's Best, Luster's PCJ, Sulfur8, and many more are available at great discounts. 


    Try Curly Kids shampoos that are the ideal care for tightly curly hair. The Curly Kid Super Detangling Shampoo gently detangler and defrizzer hair while keeping it clean and moisturised. It is the perfect deep conditioner for curly hair hydrating the hair and scalp and healing brittle and damaged hair. This Curl Detangling Shampoo leaves the hair nourished with a lifting and lively fragrance. It's no sulphate and no paraben formula is best suited for a child's delicate skin. 



    S. No.

    Cosmetize Bestseller

    Cosmetize Best Price


    Kids Original Africa's Best Shea Butter Conditioning Shampoo - 355ml



    Mixed Chicks Shampoo For Kids - 1000ml



    Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo - 300ml



    CurlyKids Super Detangling Shampoo - 8oz



    Aunt Jackie's Heads Up Moisturising & Softening Shampoo - 12oz



    Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Detangler - 8.5oz



    Just For Me Sulphate Free Shampoo - 13.5oz



    Lustre's PCJ Pretty-n-Silky Conditioning Shampoo - 355ml



    Sulfur8 Kids Conditioning Shampoo - 13.5 oz



    Shea Moisture Mango & Carrot Kids Extra Nourishing Shampoo - 8oz



    Best Kids Shampoo Products for your Child

    Shampoo your child's hair at least once or twice a week and tweak it as per their hair care needs. Fine-tune their hair regime as per the weather and factors that affect the scalp's health. Kids’ hair products like the Curly kids Shampoo provide essential nutrition to the hair and strengthen the hair from root to tip. Visit the Cosmetize website to explore the best kids’ shampoo products for healthy hair. Select products that are not harsh and protect sensitive eyes and skin while keeping the child's hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny.



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