How To Trim 4c Hair – Best Tips That You Should Try!

This is a guide for you to realize that you need a trim!! If your 4C hair is dry, tangled and breaks easily, then you need a trim. Trimming 4C hair is essential and key in maintaining your hair health. This will help your hair be softer, smoother and healthier looking. 4C hair can be


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This is a guide for you to realize that you need a trim!! If your 4C hair is dry, tangled and breaks easily, then you need a trim. Trimming 4C hair is essential in maintaining your hair health. This will help your hair be softer, smoother and healthier looking. 4C hair can be maintained by washing it often. As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner has all the qualities you need to keep your natural hair hydrated and less prone to split ends.

How To Tell Your 4c Hair Needs A Trim?

4c curly hair

Dries Faster Than Usual

If your hair is drying faster than usual, it means your ends are frayed and need to be trimmed. Split ends expose the hair cuticles and that leads to your hair becoming thinner and weaker and it loses its ability to retain moisture. 4C hair is known to be prone to split ends and dryness.

Ends Are Dry And Rough

If your ends feel dry and rough, it means your hair has split ends. Hair, which is moisturized and nourished, will feel soft, supple, and will have a shine. Timely trimming will ensure your hair can retain moisture; the dead ends are cut away before they can cause more damage and help your hair have more water.

Detangling Is Difficult

Detangling Is Difficult

Detangling shouldn’t be an issue when you have moisturized and nourished hair. Dry hair results in split ends and that results in more tangled hair. Hence detangling can be a task and also quite unpleasant.

Styling is Hard

Hair which needs to be trimmed will be hard to style because it will not be able to retain the moisture. The ends when frayed will always have issues in retaining the style because they do not have closed cuticles that can hold any product in.

How Often To Trim Natural 4c Hair?

The tricky question is how often should you trim your natural hair. Most stylists recommend that you trim your hair every 3-4 months if your hair is healthy. Sometimes, healthy hair won’t need a trim for up to 8 months. You should keep a close watch on your hair and how it behaves. If it shows any signs as mentioned above, then it is time you get your natural hair trimmed.

The ones who need more frequent trims are people who manipulate their hair often and use heat styling methods. Colouring your natural hair also causes it to have more split ends than usual. So, always keep a check.

Try Below Trimmers to Get Perfect Shape for Your 4C Hair:

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How Many Inches Of Your 4c Hair Should You Trim?

The concept of trimming is rather vague. Some people need more inches cut off, some need less, but the golden rule is, don’t let your hair go without a trim for too long because that will result in split ends higher up the hair shaft and hence resulting in more inches to be cut. A nourishing shampoo, such as Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream Shampoo helps in cleaning out your 4C hair but not stripping it of the vital nutrients. A regular trim also helps your hair retain more length. It is advisable to trim your 4C hair when dry but you can also trim your 4C natural hair wet this will help you see the split end better, but beware trimming 4c hair wet can cause you to lose more length than usual, so trim carefully!

What Will Happen To Your 4c Hair If It Isn’t Trimmed In A Timely Manner?

It isn’t a shocker to know that any type of hair which doesn’t receive any timely trim, looks weak, frail and extremely dead. So, 4C hair is no different, in fact, 4C hair needs more care than most hair types because it is more prone to dryness and has a lot of issues linked to it.

  1. Untrimmed hair will make it look like your hair is untamed, dry, lifeless and almost like hay.
  2. No timely trims will cause your hair to be frizzy and tangled. This in turn will cause more damage than good, because it will be difficult to untangle such hair.
  3. Untrimmed hair causes more split ends, which in turn causes the split ends to ride up the shaft of your hair, making it frail, thin, weak and brittle enough to break. To avoid this you can use an oil like Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Rebel – Coconut & Sweet Almond oil this will help your hair have more moisture and not break so easily.

How To Go About Trimming Your Natural 4c Hair?

Trimming your hair can be done at home using hair trimmers, provided you have done your research well and understood how it should be done. If you are unsure, then do not try it at home, ever.

It is always advisable to do a clarifying wash before you have a hair trim. This will allow your hair to be rid of all the product build-up and cleans your hair properly.

Some of the techniques are listed below.

  • TWIST OR BRAID METHOD: This is where you twist or braid your 4C hair. Once you have done it, you move on carefully trimming a quarter to half an inch of your ends. This way, you get an even cut. Remember, the only time you can see your hair trim is when it is straightened with heat styling tools.
  • STRAIGHTENED HAIR: This is one of the more common methods, where you first blow-dry your hair. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair out. While doing this, remember to use a heat protectant spray before you blow-dry and also before you straighten your hair, this will protect your hair from a lot of damage. Once you have done this. Simply run a small-toothed comb through your hair and at the ends trim it off. A good heat protectant spray is Dr Miracles Acai Thermal Protection Styler for your hair.
  • SEARCH & DESTROY: This is basically when you find only the split ends and trim them off, albeit common it is time-consuming as well, but then again lockdown permits you to have a ton of time!
  • TRIMMING WET HAIR: A practice used for most hair types, you can do the same, but make sure you know how much you are cutting because 4C hair shrinks quite a bit when dry.

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