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    About Hair Colour


    Life is too short to only have one hair colour. You might enjoy your natural colour but there is always a risk for you to become a boring Jane instead of an alluring Jeanette. With so many hair colour products available at your fingertips, don't miss out on the chance to change your look. 


    Types of hair colour


    There are four types of hair colour products: 

    1. Semi-permanent hair colour - This is the most preferred form of hair colour as it directly dyes the hair and lasts for a couple of weeks to give you a new look. It does not have ammonia and does not need a developer. 
    2. Demi-permanent hair colour - This is used to enhance natural hair colour and deposit colour over lightened or blonde hair. It needs a developer. 
    3. Temporary hair colour - This is used to add designs and stencils to hair. It is also used to mask regrowth in greying hair. 
    4. Permanent hair colour - This is used to completely change the hair colour and hence it is the most preferred form of grey coverage. It does not fade away gradually. 


    Which hair colour should you choose?

    To choose the perfect hair colour for yourself, you need to take into account your complexion. 

    • Light complexion - You can rock a variety of hair colours. But do steer clear of black shades unless you want to make teenage emo your vibe.
    • Medium complexion - Brunette and red tones are your playground. Blondes are iffy but bomb if you stick to honey and golden tones. Blacks are best avoided.
    • Olive complexion - Brunette tones are ideal for you. You can also play around with caramel and rich blonde tones. Avoid reds with purple undertones. Enhance the depth of your black hair colour by selecting various undertones. 
    • Dark complexion - Black is your crowning glory further enhanced by reds. Brunettes are also a safe bet and can be made playful through ombre and balayage. 


    But colouring your hair is not about playing safe or following a chart. It's about having fun, making a statement and doing what your heart desires. So don’t shy away from using a semi permanent pink hair dye


    Hair colour removers


    Sometimes the hair colour that went brilliantly with your Insta party images during the weekend doesn't match up to your work life. Or you are not happy with the colour that you sport currently. That is when a hair colour remover and a toner comes to your rescue. They can help you revert back to your original basic colour. Along with a remover, a toner helps to clarify and enhance your hair. 


    Hair colours at Cosmetize 


    Cosmetize has an extensive range of hair colours of both permanent and semi permanent variety, from the best brands available online. Directions Hair Dye is one of the most popular hair colours in the semi permanent department. Adore Permanent Hair Colour is the best selling brand in the permanent hair colour category. Other than the wide variety of hair colour products, Cosmetize also stocks various hair colour removers and toners. This allows you to select all the required essentials at one place for your next adventure. 


    Shop on Cosmetize to get the best hair colours to make a statement. You will not fail to turn everyone’s head.  Get in touch with our customer care executive who can guide you and assist you in solving your problems. Get the right hair colour for your hair and shop online to avail best deals and discounts from Cosmetize




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