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    Straight, curly, wavy, or coily - your hair type may be different but you deserve lustrous and healthy hair. The right way to achieve it is by choosing a practical hair care regime that you can commit to. To care for your hair, you need to understand your hair type. Hair care products can be selected based on hair type to deliver maximum benefits and suit your hair’s curl pattern. 


    Straight hair has no natural curl and it can be thick, thin, fine, or coarse and fall with no waving from root to tip. With a gentle, tousled texture, wavy hair is generally straight from the roots to the eye level. From the eye level to the ends, they have an undefined wave. Wavy hair has further subcategories based on the wave pattern and the origin of the wave. Curly hair is defined by the loose loops it forms. It may differ depending on the thickness and tightness of the curls. Coily or kinky hair has S-shaped or Z-shaped curls that are frizzy and tight.


    Hair Care Products to suit your Hair Type

    Identifying your hair type is the first step to selecting the hair care routine that best meets the needs of your hair. Hair type may change over time depending on factors such as diet, hormones, medication, UV exposure, strong shampoos, heat styling, and colouring. Your hair care solution can be customised based on specific individual requirements, but there are some basic rules that everyone can follow irrespective of hair type. These include using a mild shampoo, following a shampoo with a conditioner, avoiding heat styling tools like curlers and straighteners and incorporating a warm oil massage into your routine. 


    Straight hair tends to become oily. Dry shampoos and avoiding hair care products with heavy butter and cream can work best for this hair type. Wavy hair will benefit from steering clear of oil-based and creamy products and you can boost the base with light mousse or gel to define the waves. Avoid excessive brushing if you have curly hair. Stay away from silicon and sulphates in the curly hair products that you choose. They may temporarily tame the frizz but can cause damage by making the hair dry in the long run. To preserve the health of your coily hair, opt for deep conditioning masques, butter and cream-based kinky hair products. Leave-in conditioners are a good choice to manage frizz while preventing the breakage of both curly and coily hair. 


    Range at Cosmetize

    Manage your hair by choosing from the best brands available at Cosmetize. Choose from a wide range of hair care products that wash, moisturise, condition, and style your hair to perfection. If your goal is to grow your hair or experiment with hues, we have the right hair growth products and colouring products for you. Our experts have curated the best shampoos and conditioners for straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair. We have hair care products like masks, serums, gels, sprays, oils, treatments, hair kits, tools, and accessories that cover all your hair care needs. You can find hair care solutions to repair damaged hair, treat hair fall, manage frizz, enhance shine, and restore moisture. 


    Nourished Hair that looks Lustrous

    Our team of professionals at Cosmetize has selected superior quality products from top brands such as Original Africa’s Best, Hollywood Beauty, Twisted Sista, Kuza, Cantu, Crazy Colors, Palmer’s and much more. These hair care products are available for men, women, and kids. Shop at Cosmetize to explore the right products that suit your hair type and meet your hair care needs.




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