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    Get your diva look with Remy Human Hair Extensions!


    Long, beautiful natural hair can make anyone look like a glamorous diva. Since many of us aren't blessed with the same, we envy those who have it. Now, it’s time that we stop being envious of others and achieve what we desire. Is that possible? Yes, with hair extensions, it is possible to have long, voluminous, smooth, and even different coloured hair. Craving for one already? Let us help you introduce yourself to one of the best in business.


    This human hair extension is the highest grade of human hair, used in extensions for a perfectly natural look. Most of them come from either India or China.


    They are considered the finest because, unlike other hair extensions, the outermost layer of the hair is not stripped and is kept intact. That also helps them in aligning in a unidirectional manner which makes them appear completely natural.


    After obtaining from the hair donor, they are sorted out to ensure a uniform cuticle appearance. They are then bonded to the base with the help of silicone, clips or silk fabric and sewed to form an individual weft. These wefts are then collected to form a full set of hair extensions.


    By now, you must have realized their quality, considering the care required, the time to sort individual strands, and the process to form the extensions.  


    How Much Do Real Remy Hair Extensions Cost?


    The Best Remy Hair Extensions can range from a hundred dollar bill to thousands of dollars depending on the factors mentioned below:


    1. Hair Grade


    Depending upon the processing and the lifespan of hair, the cost of Remy Hair Extensions may vary. Hair subjected to an elementary processing technique might cost you less and has a maximum span of 3 months. On the other hand, virgin hair doesn’t undergo any processing at all and is still the costliest because of its high lifespan.


    2. The Thickness of the Hair Shaft


    These hair extensions are available in both thinner and thicker hair shafts. Thinner Hair Extensions will cost you less, while Thicker Remy Hair Extensions will be expensive.


    3. Style


    The style of the Remy Hair Extensions can influence the cost of the product too. For example, to produce seamless hair extensions, additional processing is required during manufacturing. That is why they are costlier than the classic fabric stitched hair extensions.


    Find the One That Suits You the Best


    After analysing your hair pattern and texture, you will be easily able to choose the extension that you desire. At Cosmetize, we have an array of Remy human hair extensions, according to your hair type. Popular brands are carving for your attention on our website. Considering the hair care routine you follow, you can have them as long as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Browse now, and find the one that suits you the best.



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