Synthetic Wigs

    Get yourself a complete hair makeover with Cosmetize's exclusive range of Best Synthetic Wigs.


    Consider getting a Synthetic Wig if you're looking for a quick and easy way to update your look. Silky straight hair? Curly locks? The possibilities are endless with the right wig! And if you want to go darker or lighter than your natural colour, it's as simple as styling products and time under the sun.


    You can even find wigs that mimic celebrity looks like Katy Perry's iconic black bob or Jennifer Aniston's voluminous curls. Whether you're going on vacation and having a hair fall or just tired of having the same old hairstyle day in and day out, these Synthetic Wigs will make all your fashion goals come true!


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    A Synthetic Wig for Women is a wig made from artificial material. Typically, a Synthetic Wig is made of heat-resistant fibres that resemble human hair in appearance and can be cut, curled or straightened just like natural hair. Human-like Wigs are also available, which mimic some of the properties of human hair.


    Generally, Synthetic Wigs have high-quality prices ranging from 20 to 150 pounds, but we have kept many Synthetic Hair Wigs for Sale so that you can get your favourite wigs at a much discounted rate.


    The most common materials used to make the Best Synthetic Hair Wigs are polyester, acrylic, styrene, monofilament and many more.


    Polyester is one of the most popular artificial materials for wig fabrication. It has a smooth texture and is typically heat resistant.


    Nylon produces a shinier finish than polyester does. It is also heat resistant.


    Acrylic/Polyacrylate is used as a material in wigs; this is often found in hair extensions and hairpieces. You can sculpt acrylic hair into various looks using heat products such as curling irons and straighteners.


    Monofilament material used in lace wigs is composed of one single strand of fibre. The fibres are attached to a sheer base made from lace, tulle or silk at the front and sides of the wig.


    This wig is created from a single piece of polyester or nylon material shaped to resemble a natural hairstyle. The hair strands are attached to the cap using a needle and thread technique done by hand. You can wear this type of wig alone, but it's usually combined with other Synthetic Wigs for better styling options.


    A Full Lace Wig has a full perimeter lace that you can wear with or without adhesive tape on the scalp. The hair strands are attached to the cap using various sewing techniques, including flat and machine stitching. This type of wig is typically worn alone, but you can also combine it with other synthetic or human hair wigs.


    Mono-Part Wig has a mono-part which means that the cap is divided into two sections separated by a lace part that creates a natural-looking parting line. The hair strands are attached to the cap using a needle and thread technique done by hand. You can wear this type of wig alone, but it's usually combined with other Synthetic Hairpieces for better styling options.


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