How to Add Volume to Ninja Buns

Trends keep on changing, be it clothes, gadgets, or anything. With each passing season, there is something new for you to try. You always need to keep yourself updated with what is trending around you. The same is the case with hairstyles. There is always a new style for you to try after every seaso


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Trends keep on changing, be it clothes, gadgets, or anything. With each passing season, there is something new for you to try. You always need to keep yourself updated with what is trending around you. The same is the case with hairstyles. There is always a new style for you to try after every season.

In recent years, the ninja buns hairstyle has caught the attention of many. Even among celebrities, it is getting quite popular. So, if you are looking for a versatile look for both your formal and informal life, ninja buns are definitely a trendy hit for you.

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You will not even require a professional to style your hair like that. On the day of the shower, you can style your looks pretty easy. If you are looking for more of a professional look, you can try a Sleek Top Knot Ninja Bun, or if you are looking for more of a party look, you can try the Double Bun look for your hair.

If you think, your hairs are not thick enough to make puffs, and you can add human hair, synthetic hair, or clip-in extensions. Depending upon your choice, your hair will be completely ready to make a ninja bun. If you are looking for tips on how to add volume to your ninja buns, this is the perfect place for you.

This article will help you know some of the tips to add volume to different ninja bun hairdos using different extensions.

Traditional Ninja Buns

To get started with the traditional ninja buns, divide your hair right from the middle into two separate sections. Make sure the sections are fairly equal in volume. If you want the look to be more stylish, leave some volume for a swirl or a zigzag. Once you are completed with that, brush your hair thoroughly to remove any roughness or fuzziness in the hair.

Next, secure each of the sections with hair bands. You must have often seen that tied hair tends to damage along the ends or the edges. To protect your hair from that, you can use Hair Protection sprays like Fudge Skyscraper. It works nicely for any type of hair, including hair extensions. It also locks your style in place and protects your hair from any kind of fuzziness.

After you have applied hair spray, fluff out your hair a bit to let them stretch to give them more fullness. Add in your chosen hair extensions at the bottom of the ponytail. Brush the extensions along with your hair to smoothen them nicely.

Next, curl them around in a natural puff. Just below your temples, you can add a few waterfall curls to slay the traditional look completely. Other than hair protection sprays, you can use products like Luster’s Pink Holding Spray to lock your style in its place for a long time.

Half Up Ninja Buns

tips for half up ninja buns
Quick Half-Ninja Buns Tips

The next one in our article is Half Up Ninja Buns Style. The style is best suited if you are looking to roam around the city or staying back at home. It involves you styling your hair in a way that you have two baby buns at the top of your head, leaving the hair on the back loose. This bold messier style is fun and trendy at the same time.

To get started, split the front part of your hair and brush it well and thoroughly. Secure it with a metal-free pin into a fluffy bun. Repeat the same for the other side. Make sure you brush your hair nicely to eliminate any kind of fuzziness thus bringing the maximum fullness out of your buns.

To add volume to your buns, use a clip-in hair extension or a synthetic hair extension. Clip-in the extension at the bottom of your bun. Now, wind up the hair extension in a criss-cross pattern loosely over the ninja bun. Tuck the loose end of the extension at the bottom of the bun properly. Repeat the same process on the other side of your head. You can use a hair protection spray to keep the style for long.

Once you are done adding volume, brush the loose portion on the back thoroughly. This will add elegance to your look. If you want it to be messy, just leave the back portion on one side of your shoulder and slay the look.

Chunky Ninja Buns

Curl patterns are very well suited to natural black hair. This pattern makes buns the best choice for styling your hair creatively. Achieving chunky ninja buns isn’t difficult at all, and you can do it in a few simple steps. Ladies who are fond of chunky ninja buns can get started with chunk twists that are a few days old. These fresh chunks look smooth and maintain the texture well along the length giving you the perfect desired look.

To get started for your Chunky Ninja Buns, split your hair into two fairly equal sections. Make sure you do not stress your hair care roots too much. On the rear bun portion, brush the hair well along the back of your head. Once they are smooth, hold them and make a ponytail out of them. Considering the length of your hair, add one or two clip-in hair extensions. Curl the ponytail into a proper bun and tuck the bottom of the pony into it using a pin or rubber band.

Next, use oil or a hair protection spray along the edges of your front-end hair. Just like the previous bun, we will repeat the process for the top bun too. Smoothen them well with a hairbrush, and curl them into another ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it in its position with the help of a hairband or a bobby pin. You can style the rest of the hair; however, you want to give in a desirable look. Make sure, and you brush all your hair in one direction to bring the best out of your Chunky Ninja Buns style.

From the article, you must have known how versatile the Ninja Buns truly are. They are a fun look and can be a part of your professional life too. No matter what is the event, be it hanging out with friends, casual shopping, or staying back at home, Ninja buns bring out the fun in your style. With some clip-in extensions, Ninja Bun Hairstyle goes well for short-haired people too. Trends keep on changing, and these are the ones in the trend of styling now.

The best thing about this hairstyle is you can have it irrespective of the season and time of the year. Since styling takes a significant amount of time, Ninja Buns are a real alternative to save your precious time. Other than the above-mentioned styles, you can also try out Ninja High Bun with bangs, Mini Bun, Curly Bun, Ninja Bun with Braids, Bun with Weave, Messy Top Knot and Elegant Shiny Bun too.


That was our article to make you know how you can add up the volume to your ninja buns. You can use any of these depending upon the length, availability of accessories, time, and the attention you can provide. Try each of them one by one and find the one that brings the best out of you.

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