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    You feel blessed on days when hair shines perfectly and feels healthy. However, there are days when hair feels flat, lifeless, and out of place. Hair volume makes a lot of difference, filling the goodness on good hair days. Simply put, volume indicates how much body the hair has and how thick it feels, how full it appears, and how much it lifts at the roots. Deficient nutrition, hormones, or stress may be responsible for hair volume loss. However, with hair volume products and a good hair care regime, you can boost the volume and experience healthy and bouncy hair. 


    How do Hair Volume Products work?


    Hair Volume Products infuse weak or flat hair with volume, thickness, and gloss. They are available in various formulations, including Volumizing ShampoosVolumizing Conditioners, Hair Sprays, Hair Pomades, and Lotions. These products contain humectants, which draw moisture from the surroundings to the hair scalp, expand it, and give it a fuller appearance. In addition, numerous polymers in the Hair Volume Products cover the hair strand, giving it an appearance of thickness and shine. 


    Hair Volume Products include polymers, essential proteins, and surfactants. Polymers cover the hair fibre to provide rigidity and lift it away from the head; it also helps add volume and shine to your hair, making it look attractive. In contrast, essential proteins reinforce the hair shaft without weighing it down. Powders such as starch and talc effectively brush against one another, creating friction and increasing volume. Surfactants are lightweight and used in dry shampoos to leave no trace behind for cleansing without weight.


    Volumizing shampoos and volumizing conditioners are used like other shampoos and conditioners. They are available in spray and lotion forms and can be applied to wet scalp hair. Besides shampoos and conditioners, serumsleave-in conditioners, clays, hair tonics, dry powder shampoos, and heat styling sprays can add volume to your hair. 


    Hair Volume Product Range from Cosmetize


    Cosmetize has curated a list of brands such as Label M, Paul Mitchell, Fudge, Elasta QP, Joico, L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, and many more to help you find the best hair volume products.


    Here are the bestsellers for hair volume products from Cosmetize.


    Bestsellers from Cosmetize


    S. No.

    Cosmetize Bestseller

    Best Price at Cosmetize


    Care Free Curl Curl Booster - 16 oz



    Groganics Head Full Of Hair Creme Hair Dress - 6oz



    Joico Joifull Volumizing Styler - 100ml



    Paul Mitchell Extra Body Thicken Up Styling Liquid - 200ml



    Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam Volumizer - 9oz



    TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray - 311ml



    Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade - 113g



    L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Volumetry Root Spray - 125ml



    Fudge Elevate Styling Powder - 10g



    label.m Thickening Cream - 100ml



    Lift your Hair Like a Diva


    Effective hair volume products are equipped with cationic charge technology to impart life and weightlessness to hair strands. They contain other ingredients that tackle flat, limp, and thin hair. Oil-controlling chemicals in these products prevent hair from appearing lifeless due to excessive sebum. Look for suitable polymers, powders such as starch and talc, and surfactants in your hair volume products to help your hair gain volume and texture and add shine.






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