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Foundation is a sure-fire way that keeps you upfront for the day! It hides your flaws, makes your face appear brighter and gives you confidence that spellbinds people around you!

As much it is essential for you to choose the right shade that matches your skin and gives you a flawless appearance, it’s just important to have fantastic tools and an impeccable technique to apply the foundation. The application technique defines the degree of coverage and the finish which makes you fall in love with yourself!

If you want to learn on how to apply foundation on your face, read on how to step up your foundation game to turn heads as you step out.

Different Types of Foundation That Steals Your Heart Away

Different Types of Foundation That Steals Your Heart AwayThere are different types of foundation and the right formula can bring wonders to your skin. You can choose a foundation depending upon your skin type and its suitability. Here is to achieve that flawless base that you yearn for since eternity is directly proportional to the foundation type and the tools you use on your face. Let us know the type of foundation that you can use on your face:

  • Liquid Foundation
  • Cream Foundation
  • Powder Foundation
  • Mineral Foundation
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How To Apply Liquid/Cream Foundation On Face Step By Step?

How To Apply Liquid/Cream Foundation On Face Step By Step?A liquid or a cream foundation can be a total game changer if you have dry skin texture! According to top makeup artists, it is believed that sponges works wonders when it comes to liquid or a cream foundation. A sponge or an egg-shaped blender gives a high coverage on your skin and a flawless natural finish on your skin. It does not make your skin look cakey, but it keeps your skin hydrated without forming lines on your face.

Step 1- Prep Your Face

Prep Your FaceIt is often advised that you should start applying a foundation with a clean canvas. Cleanse your face deeply with a gentle cleanser, tone your face with a toner and lastly, wear your regular moisturizer that is well absorbed in your skin. Apply a primer in your skin and let it blend on your skin perfectly.

Step 2- Apply Your Liquid Foundation

Apply Liquid FoundationDampen your sponge with water, take some foundation at the back of your hand. Pick up little-bit foundation from the broader end of your sponge or blender and start applying from the centre of your face. Apply some more foundation on your skin if needed and blend, blend, blend! Use a bouncing motion while blending as it gives maximum coverage on your skin.


Step 3- Set Your Foundation

Set Your FoundationSetting the foundation is something which you can’t avoid as it is the last but an important step! Pick up a translucent powder or setting powder on a make-up brush and apply it on your face. Take some more if needed, and you’re done! Now, you can go on with your eye make-up, highlight your cheeks, apply lipstick and add a dash of blush!

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How To Apply Powder/Mineral Foundation On Face Step By Step?

How To Apply Powder-Mineral FoundationIf you battle with sensitive skin problems, a powder or a mineral powder foundation is perfect. A powder-based foundation is a lighter alternative of cream or liquid foundation. It does not cause any acne breakouts or aggravate your skin. It becomes a lot easier to pick up the powder and blend it on your skin with a kabuki brush. The brush gives a desired coverage on your skin and also gives a natural looking finish.

Step 1- Prep Your Face

Prep Your FaceCleanse, tone and moisturize! This is how you prepare your face before applying foundation on your skin. Make sure you deeply cleanse your skin, apply a suitable toner and moisturize your skin. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer. Ah! Don’t forget to prime your face as it gives a better finish and the maximum coverage.

Step 2- Pick Up The Right Amount Of Foundation

Pick Up The Right Amount Of FoundationWith Powder foundation, you need to pick the right amount at a time. Pick the foundation with your kabuki brush, tap the extra amount of brush on the lid of the foundation and swirl around the brush to tap off the extra powder. Apply it on your face with little amount as you can always come back for more!

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Step 3- Apply The Powder Foundation

Using your Kabuki brush, start applying from the centre of your face in circular motions. Blend in the powder on one part of the face and then move to another one. Keep your swirling your brush in circular motions around your jawline and hairline. If you need to cover more areas of your face, pick some powder up slightly and repeat the same process.

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Foundation Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Try

  • Makeup looks different in different lighting. Hence, it is advised to apply the foundation or do your make-up in natural light, warm or LED light.
  • If you wish to add a subtle glow to your skin, mix a liquid illuminator with your foundation before applying it to your skin.
  • If you are going to apply a cream, gel or liquid foundation, dampen your blender or your beauty sponger before applying the foundation.
  • Always set your foundation with a foundation setting powder or a translucent powder.

A foundation comes in handy when you need to have a make-up base. It balances your colour and unifies your skin tone. This is how you can apply the foundation on your face to give you a flawless appearance.

Always remember- the lesser you apply, the more you get!



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