Foundation isn’t to mask bad skin; it’s to even your skin tone!


    The great wall of China stands strong after so many decades because it has a strong foundation. A strong Makeup Foundation is important for any building to sustain the rough weather and tiring times. Similarly, the Foundation is essential for achieving your perfect makeup.


    For your highlighter to be on point and concealer to give optimum results, it is of great significance to have natural looking even skin. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with super good skin; you all have pigmentation, dark spots, acne and scars. To satisfy the need for elegance, women resort to makeup so that they can achieve their smooth-textured natural-looking glow. Natural Foundation is a liquid or powder makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, cover flaws and sometimes change the natural skin colour. Best Makeup Foundation is multipurpose; they function as sunscreen, moisturiser and base to more complex makeup. 


    Foundation occupies a central role in makeup regime because of the following reasons: 


    • Foundation evens out the colour of your skin and adds radiance to your complexion.
    • Face Foundation makes your skin blemishes almost invisible.
    • It creates an illusion by making large pores look smaller.
    • Makeup Professional Foundations are infused with sunscreens that you can wear each day around the calendar to save your skin from sun damage.

    Natural Foundation is a necessity for all, but different skin types call for different types of Foundations.


    Liquid Foundation: This is the most common type of foundation that ever came into being. A product that each one of you has purchased at some point. Liquid Foundations are well suited for all skin types. Liquid Foundation can be applied with a sponge, brush or you can also use your finger once you’ve gained mastery. It is available in varying consistencies- light coverage, medium coverage and heavy coverage. At Cosmetize, we have different shades of Liquid Foundations that are suitable for different complexions. Liquid Foundations from brands like Black Opal is the Best Foundation you can purchase. 


    Powder Foundation: As the name suggests, Powder Foundations are talc-based foundations that absorb any excess oil on your skin, making them a must for oily skinned people. It is very convenient, easy to apply and carry. The compact form makes it ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. However, Powder Foundations must be avoided by those who have dry skin, as it does not fully cover the fine lines and wrinkles and gives a cakey effect. 


    Cream Foundation: If you are a dry skin type, then cream foundations from Cosmetize UK is your best bet. The Cream Foundation effectively hides light blemishes and very fine lines. In addition, Cream Foundations keep your skin hydrated and save you from the cakey look. It is also suitable for oily skin types if you want a dewy look.


    The shelf life of a Foundation Bottle is generally written at the back of the bottle. Still, it is recommended that once the seal is opened, replace it with a new bottle after a year or a half. Best Affordable Foundations from Cosmetize are long-lasting, an investment you won’t regret. Cosmetize offers you the Best Foundations you will find at great prices added with a discount of up to 35%. In addition, Cosmetize has your perfect shade match; shop yours before the stock ends.



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