How To Contour Your Face In 3 Minutes | Best Contouring Makeup Tips?

Contour your face and highlighting go hand in hand, just like your favourite vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It needs some real skill to master the technique of contouring as it just not the professionals that can do the trick. If you wish to join that glam squad, you might want to perfect your contouring skills.

Contouring is the finest technique that enhances your facial features and sculpts certain areas of your face into the desired shape. So, wait no more! Get on with the best contour products, a perfect foundation and a concealer for that subtle definition!

Here are the contouring makeup tips that you can make use of:

Contour Your Face in 3 Minutes | Best Contouring Makeup Tips

Apply Foundation and Your Concealer

Apply Foundation and Your ConcealerBefore you contour your face, you need to prep your face with an amazing makeup base. Apply your favourite concealer and foundation. Add a dash of translucent powder as a base so that it can aid in your contouring process. Wash your face, apply moisturizer, apply your concealer and blend, apply foundation and blend. Always choose a concealer and foundation one shade lighter than your actual skin tone.


Choose Your Contour

Choose Your ContourContours can be cream-based or powder base. There are contour sticks available in the market that makes it the easiest way to contour your face. If you’re a beginner, you can choose a cream-based contour as they are easy to blend in with your skin. Powder-based ones give a matte finish and the cream one end with a dewy look. Choose a contour which a shade darker than your actual skin tone.

You can buy L.A. Pro Girl Contour Powder which is available in 8 different shades. It gives a characteristic finish on your face.

Map your Face

Map your FaceTrace the area on your face that you need to contour! Mainly you map the jawline, the sides of your temples, the hollow of your cheekbones, centre line of your nose. You can use your bone structure and trace the area while keeping a darker pigment than your skin tone while contouring. Now, all you must do is blend it carefully to give a natural touch to it. Natural looking contouring gives you a subtle look which makes your face look beautiful. Contouring with a stick accentuates your facial features and gives a flawless finish!

Choose L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Stick as it comes in 16 different shades and is formulated with natural ingredients that do not harm your skin in any way.

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How To Contour Your Face With Contour Cream Palette?

Contouring with a cream palette helps to choose your colour shade according to your skin tone or whatever suits your foundation or concealer. The cream-based contour gives a dewy appearance which works for night parties or for night gatherings. However, there are a few steps that help you contour your face with a cream palette:

  • Prep your skin ensuring face and neck are clean and dry after washing with a cleanser or a face wash
  • Apply foundation and concealer of choice to create a smooth and even complexion
  • Apply Sleek Makeup Face Form Contour Palette powder on your face.
  • Start from the ear and gently blend towards the direction of your cheeks, jawline, temples and nose.
  • Apply blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks
  • Finally, apply the highlighter lightly to the apples of the cheeks for a highlighted contour creating soft, yet defined and sculpted cheekbones

You can use this guide to contour your face with all the basics down! It’s time you try the sculpted look on your face and let us know how you go about it. You can also buy Sleek Makeup Cream Contour Kit that has 6 different blendable shades. The range has four different palettes that you can choose according to your skin type.

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