Rewards Policy


  • We at Cosmetize, offer our user/customer various kind of offers which may be exclusive to user/customer or public offers.
  • To avail any offer/discount, customer/user needs to above age of 16 and need to register for a personal account.
  • Some of the items we sell may be deemed more suited for adults, and in some countries, age or other limitations may apply. You must follow all applicable laws and regulations in the country where the products will be shipped. If you break any of these laws, we will not be held liable or responsible.
  • When you place an order with us, you are ensuring that you are of legal age to purchase the products. We will not be obligated to complete an order if we find that you are not legally permitted to order specific products.
  • Exclusive offers refer to offers provided to user/customer on individual account, which may not be same to other user/customer. They need to login and check the offers available for them, it may or may not be communicated.
  • This offer is personalised for each or set of customer/user.
  • Public offers can be coupon code or already discounted price offered.
  • All coupon code needs to be applied at checkout manually and may be use for one time purchase only.
  • All coupon or offers are bind to specific amount of discount, it can be changed from time to time.
  • We reserve right to change, modify have all rights to withdraw or terminate the offer at any time.


Share and Earn Discount:


With this offer, customer/user can earn a discount by referring to friends or family or any other through the code provided.

Customer/user will be able to get the discount coupon through email only when the shared coupon code from their account is used on our website.

Both parties will get discount only when referred code is being used and order has been delivered to customer.

In case of cancellation, referral code will not work.


Discount Codes:


Discount code is a part of exclusive offer, customer/user can be provided coupon with validity.

It is personalized to each or set of customer/user.


Come Back:


In this offer, customer/user are provided coupon or offer in their account.

They need to sign in to check the available offers to them.


Drop a Review & Get Discount:


On successful purchase and delivery of order will get option to review the product and get discount coupon.

Each coupon will be generated for the successful review of the product.

Published reviews will only get coupon in their account.


Loyalty Brands:


Choose any two brands of your choice to get offer on them, once chosen brands can only be changed after 6 months.

There may be exclusion of some brands which may not be chosen for loyalty brands.

Item prices are subject to change.


Social Offer:


Successfully follow, like on social media platform and in return you will be rewarded with discount coupon.

To avail the offer, insert your social media handle in respective platform on our rewards page and allow us 5-7 working days to verify

Upon verification, coupon will automatically be generated in your personal account’s rewards page.

If verification is not successful due to wrong username or spell error or anything else, it will be declined, and process can be repeated again.


Subscribe & Get Discount:


  • In product subscription, customer can choose the time frame as per their requirement.
  • Customer can cancel the subscription any time by signing in their account.
  • Returns and Refund will be processed as per its policy.
  • Customer can choose the date of the subscription by signing in their account.
  • Before each replenishment order, we will send you an email reminder. At any time, you can modify your frequency, quantity, or next delivery date, as well as cancel your subscription.
  • Customers who subscribe to the Subscribe & Get Discount will be charged the Cosmetize price for the product on the day their reorder is completed. The Subscribe discount will be deducted at that point. If the price of the item rises or falls before each re-order is processed, the amount you'll be charged will also fluctuate depending on increase or decrease of price. Prior to shipment, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail that includes the item's price.
  • We will release your order after payment is received 24 hours before to your shipping date, and you will receive confirmation that your purchase has been processed and despatched.
  • Subscriptions can only be initiated by the registered user prior to purchasing their items by clicking the 'Subscribe' button and selecting their chosen frequency 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months.
  • We will end your subscription automatically if no payments are made within 7 days of order placed or if the subscription has been cancelled.

Cosmetize/Reward Points:


  • We at Cosmetize value your every purchase and therefore, we would like to express our gratitude with our exciting Reward Points Scheme, wherein you get points for every purchase you make and can use your reward points to get more exciting offers and discounts.
  • For every 1 pound you spend, you get 10 Reward Points which will be stored in your account wallet. You get 5 pounds OFF your purchase when you collect 1000 reward points.
  • Please note that the reward points are not transferable and are valid till 1 year of your first purchase. You may get timely email remainders of your points balance along with other exciting offers.

Rewards Points FAQs


  • How do the Rewards Points work?

For every £1 you spend, we give you 10 points! With every purchase you will get reward points which will be shown in your wallet.


  • Can I earn points on all my purchases?

You can earn points on all your what are you waiting for? Visit our website to find out more.


  • How can I keep track of how many points I've earned?

When you make a purchase, we will send a confirmation e-mail to you which have all the information on your reward points.


  • Can I redeem my points at any time?

Yes! You need to be logged into your account and as long as you have the points, remember to use them in the Shopping Cart; you can use them any time, day or night!


  • How do I use my points to make a purchase?

Once you've chosen your item, simply go through to your Shopping Cart and enter the amount of Points you would like to use. Then head on to the Checkout to finish your order!


  • Can I use my points on anything?

You can purchase any of our products using your rewards points, but you can't use them to pay for the delivery charge.


  • If I forget to use my rewards points on a purchase, can I undo it?

Give us a call on 0115 6977937 or e-mail explaining what you would like to do and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • How soon will my rewards points be registered on my account and how long will they last?

We're busy workers here at Cosmetize so we aim to have the rewards points in your account straight away! The points will last for 12 months, so if you’re saving for a birthday or just a little treat for yourself they'll still be there!


  • What benefit can I expect from using Rewards Points?

The more you buy, the more we give! In addition, sometimes we at Cosmetize are feeling very generous and may just give more points where deserved!!


  • I bought an item using my Rewards Points; can I still expect a refund/exchange?

At Cosmetize, we aim to indulge you all in our exciting products. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with your product, please contact us on 0115 6977937 or at and we will endeavour to help.


  • Did you Know...

If you spend enough to gain 1000 points in total, you will get 5 pounds OFF your next purchase.



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