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    Are you looking for salon-quality results with your hair bleaching kit? Finding the perfect products to help you lighten your hair without any damage is possible. Decide the results you want from your hair bleaching kit and select the best one based on your current hair colour and depth. It is essential to evaluate your hair condition before you proceed with bleaching. The right product, technique, and developer can give precise results from the lightning process. 


    Hair Bleaching Kit Range from Cosmetize


    If you’re looking for a place to buy a Hair Peroxide Kit that includes all the necessary equipment for lightening hair, you have come to the right place. Cosmetize has curated the list of the best-selling brands for hair bleaching kit products, such as Truzone, Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Directions, and many more that will help lighten your hair. 


    Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit is used to pre-help or decolour hair before utilising Crazy Color Hair Dye or other hair tints for shading. It is the ideal kit for anybody trying to reproduce salon shading forms at home. This kit includes requirements and directions and incorporates everything expected to prepare hair for shading to get the best results. 


    Truzone cream peroxide gives excellent results with permanent tints and bleaches. The product is simple to use and of exceptional quality, designed to improve mix ability. This superior cream developer creates applications smoother with enhanced product texture. 


    Directions hair dye ensures your new hair shading turns out extraordinary. A lightening kit is recommended before you colour your hair. Direction Hair Dye has been uniquely defined to condition and help secure your hair. Bearings powder fade contains added conditioning fixings to help keep hair moisturised.


    Here are the bestsellers for peroxides and bleaching kits from Cosmetize.


    Bestsellers from Cosmetize


    S. No.

    Cosmetize Bestseller

    Best Price at Cosmetize


    Truzone Trulites Rapid White Powder Bleach - 80g



    Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit - 40 Vol



    Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit - 30 Vol



    Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit



    Directions Hair Lightening Kit 30 Volume



    Truzone Trulites Dust Free Hi-lift Powder Bleach - 500g



    Truzone Trulites Rapid White Bleach - 500g



    Truzone Trulites Rapid Blue Bleach - 500g



    Directions Hair Lightening Kit 40 Volume



    Truzone Trulites Rapid Blue Powder Bleach - 80g





    You do not need to spend at beauty salons since you can bleach at home using hair bleaching kit products available at Cosmetize. After bleaching, you must use other hair care products to avoid a brassy tone, dryness, and damage. Products like shampoo, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair moisturisers, etc., will help protect your hair from external factors that may damage it. These hair care products will retain moisture in the hair to prevent dryness, dullness, and dandruff. Get your hair ready for the vibrant hues you have dreamt of by prepping them with hair bleaching kits available at Cosmetize.





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