How to Style Men's Hair? - 10 Useful Tips That Really Works

How to Style Men’s Hair: Caring for your hair and styling your hair is a whole lot different thing. In caring, you need some hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or mask. While styling includes an enormous range of mane-related equipment that will help you change your look complete


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Caring for your hair and styling your hair is a whole lot different. In caring, you need some hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or mask. While styling includes an enormous range of mane-related equipment that will help you change your look completely.

You need to keep a few things in mind like the hair type such as short hair, long hair, curly hair, or wavy hair, your face shape like square, round, or oval, and your styling needs when you think of styling men’s hair. If you want a cool hairstyle that will transform your entire look and make you stand out from the crowd, you need to learn how to style men’s hair.

Most of the guys tend to have shorter hair because their goal is to spend less time in the bathroom to groom themselves. You think less hair or shorter hair will require less maintenance. But you are completely wrong.

Good and healthy hair does not depend on your hair length. You need to look after your hair and take a little effort to attain great hair and look. Read this short and quick if you are worried about how to deal with your hair problems and how you can style your hair without much investment of time and money.

10 Useful Tips on How to Style Men’s Hair:

Here are the basic tips for styling men's hair:

The type of shampoo you use
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1. The Type of Shampoo You Use

The shampoo is supposed to clean your scalp and remove all the dirt, dust, and lint from your hair. Using cheap shampoos can result in destroying your hair quality and texture, which will create problems while styling it.

You need to choose the best shampoo while keeping in mind the quality and texture of your hair. This will help you retain all those natural oils that hydrate and protect your hair. When you think of buying a shampoo, remember a simple formula: buy that shampoo that is sulfate-free and contains natural ingredients. Dry shampoo is also a good option because they absorb the grease present on your scalp and hair along with the cleaning.

men hairstyle
men hairstyle

2. Choose the Best Hairstyle

Haircuts matter a lot when you are very much possessive regarding your hairstyle. You need to choose a hairstyle that goes along with your hair type, lifestyle and general image. For example, round faces look great with side parts, while square faces look best with middle parts.

Get a hairstyle that will work for you, considering the time you usually have to style and the workplace requirements. Moreover, you can go for regular haircuts that will make you look fresh and in style. Discuss with your barber and get a great haircut that will fit your personal needs and style.

Use a proper hairbrush - How to Style Men’s Hair
Use a proper hairbrush

3. Use a Proper Hairbrush

Use a well-designed hairbrush that has natural bristles. Brushing or combing your hair with a proper brush will help you evenly distribute the natural oils to the overall hair shafts, which will make your hair look shiny and healthy by preserving moisture and prevents hair loss.

You should also learn how to use a comb. If you want a bit extra structure or a sleeker look, a finer-toothed comb will be best for you. You can finger-comb your hair if you like a tousled hairstyle. Try to comb your hair in various directions to see which hairstyle looks best on you.

Don’t rub while towel drying your hair

4. Don’t Rub While Towel Drying Your Hair

Don’t rub your hair with the towel aggressively because hairs are more prone to damage or are weaker when wet. Men think that their hair will get dry quickly if they rub it hard. But this technique of drying is terrible for your hairstyle because it will only cause breakage.

Pat dry your hair gently with the towel and don’t rub it. If you have wavy or curly hair, being too hard or rough will lead to frizzy hair and will decrease the volume of your hair, especially if you have thin hair.

Go for pomades

5. Go for Pomades

You can use pomades if you want to add a little balance to blow away the frizz. Pomades offer a wet, shiny look and are incredibly versatile along with maintaining a flexible hold. They are best suited for shorter, texturized, or sleek styles. Paul Mitchell barber classic is one such pomade that promises to add shine and restore the natural texture of your hair. They also give separation and add shine to long hair.

Portrait of young man - How to Style Men’s Hair

6. Choose Muds and Fibres for the Best Hairstyle

When you want maximum control of your hairstyle, mud or fibre is a perfect choice. This product is best for long and messy hair because it provides texture and for long hairstyles also because it adds separation to them. A mud or fibre is a type of styling product that offers a clean and crispy-free hairstyle best suited for a buttoned-up look.

7. Provide an Aggressive Hold by Applying Waxes

Offer an aggressive hold to your hairstyle by applying wax to your hair. Waxes are an excellent choice for adding control and shine to short hairstyles. It is designed for maximum workability with an easy wash-off. They are also best for managing very thick hair because they refuse to leave a sweaty scalp. Application of wax is best for those men who wish to make a bold, big statement with an incredible stronghold with an edgy style. Fudge matte head extra is one such hair styling wax perfect for adding high shine to your hairstyle.

Hair gel
Hair gel

8. Apply Gels to Create a Sleek, Wet Look

Gels enable comb-through that creates a sleek, wet appearance. Make sure you choose the right gel because different quality gels are available in the market. Gels usually come in light and stronghold. If you have fine hair, then a light hold gel will prove perfect for you. A firm hold gel will be best for thick, coarse hair because a light hold product won’t offer enough control over the hairstyle.

9. Add Texture to Your Hairstyle With Salt Spray

Salt spray is the best choice if you wish to add texture and volume to your hair without making it look overly styled. This product provides thickness along with hair dimensions. If you want instant volume and texture with a matte finish look for your hair, then salt spray is one of the best styling products. You do not need to put extra effort to create a new hairstyle look. Just spray it onto the damp hair, style your hair and let it dry to get the required look.

10. Provide Light and Natural Hold With Hair Creams

Hair creams provide a light, natural hold to your wavy, curly hair with a good amount of viscosity. It controls the frizz and provides a finished natural look to your hairstyle. Styling creams are the perfect choice for those who want a medium hold and low shine in your hairstyle but make it look effortlessly fantastic hairstyle. They help to neaten shorter hairstyles and control fly-aways. This product is for those men who need something in their hair but doesn’t want it to look like anything is there.

We hope the tips mentioned above, will prove beneficial and will solve your doubts regarding how to style men’s hair. These tips will also encourage you to look after your hair and experiment with it. The best hairstyle will help you stand out from the crowd and in your comfort zones.


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