How to Make Coarse Hair Soft and Silky

How to Make Coarse Hair Soft and Silky? Soft, shiny, luminous, and silky hair is a common goal of everyone. Due to ageing, lack of healthy diets and nutrients, and poor hair care methods, we can damage our delicate hair cuticles. With time, our hair can lead to damage and dryness if the natural oils


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How to Make Coarse Hair Soft and Silky? Soft, shiny, luminous, and silky hair is a common goal for everyone. Due to ageing, lack of healthy diets and nutrients, and poor hair care methods, we can damage our delicate hair cuticles. With time, our hair can lead to damage and dryness if the natural oils get stripped from our hair. Before you think of caring for your hair, you need to determine the hair type first and then the texture of your hair. If you have coarse hair, you must already be familiar with the problems of managing your hair.

Coarse hair is a unique texture that is associated with major concerns such as frizz, dryness, stubbornness, and tangles. Your hair will start feeling itchy and prickly if you have dry, coarse hair. The dry, coarse hair somewhat starts looking like a straw and loses its shine and lustre.

Now the major question comes, how to get rid of coarse hair? How to make coarse hair soft and silky? With a single use of a product, you cannot solve the problem associated with coarse hair. Many small steps, and with the use of the right product and hair care treatment, you can change the look and feel of your coarse hair. With proper hair care routines and products, you’ll be able to make coarse hair soft and silky. You’ll be able to recover the natural lustre and beauty of your hair with each passing day. You can also consider some of the known home remedies that will soften your dry, coarse hair. In this article, you’ll get to know how to make your coarse hair soft and silky with simple tips.

10 Tips to make coarse hair soft and silky

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1. Dry Your Hair With Natural Air

Using a blow dryer will help you dry up your hair quickly, but the hot air from the dryer will evaporate most of the hair’s moisture and will cause split ends and breakage. After washing your hair, pat it with a towel or t-shirt and wrap it up with it to get rid of excess water. This will help to dry your hair quickly and will still leave enough moisture on your hair to look beautiful, soft and silky. If you are using a blow dryer, it is always recommended that you use it in a cool setting.

How to Make Coarse Hair Soft and Silky

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily

Your scalp produces natural oils which play the role of a conditioner. It keeps the hair smooth and soft along with protecting the hair and scalp from the wind and sun during the hot, humid climate. Whenever you are combing or brushing your hair, the natural oil slides down and covers your hair lightly with it. However, do not wash your hair daily or too frequently. This will drain out the natural oils which are essential for your hair. You can wash your hair maybe once or twice a week to provide your hair with a chance to replenish nourishing oils to make your coarse hair soft and silky. Wash your hair with cold water to add shine to your coarse hair.

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3. Have a food Nourishment

For a significant hair boost, you need to make little changes to your daily lifestyle that is in your diet. Add oily fish such as sardine, mackerel, and salmon to get lots of Omega 3s, which is an essential nutrient for the hair. You may also add food items such as seeds and nuts like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, or sesame seeds in your daily diet if you are a vegetarian. These ingredients contain proteins and nutrients that will offer shine and lustre to your coarse hair and are essential for hair growth. Another essential ingredient is beta carotene which also offers healthy and strong hair.

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4. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated. It is recommended to increase the intake of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables such as melons, papaya, guava, squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, and cucumbers that are all packed with high water content. You are also suggested to cut down the intake of sugary drinks such as concentrated juice and soda from your daily routine. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily to improve the overall health of your body and hair. This will help you to keep your coarse hair soft and silky.

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5. Look for the Right Products

Look for those products that are specially designed for coarse hair. The shampoo and conditioner designed for coarse hair contain moisturizing properties that will help penetrate the hair shaft’s outer layer. Be gentle with your hair while washing. Being too rough or harsh on your hair will lead to tangles, frizz, and dry hair afterwards. You also need to use deep conditioning treatment for your coarse hair. Use of a conditioner on your coarse hair will offer nourishment to it and will make it soft and silky.

Find Your Right Hair Product for Coarse Hair

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6. Apply Hair Masks

This would be one of the most straightforward hacks you need to do to make your coarse hair soft and silky. For a deep-moisture boost, you can apply hair masks once a week. You can use Moroccanoil intense hydrating mask which is specially designed for coarse hair. This mask will offer extra essential nutrients that your hair need and will prevent dryness and frizz. You can also go for hot oil treatments. It is also one of the easiest and cheapest masks for coarse hair. This treatment will add moisture to your coarse hair because it gets penetrated and soaked inside the hair cuticles.

You can also consider trying some homemade hair mask options that create wonders on coarse hair. Make hair masks with any of the ingredients such as egg yolk avocado, banana, and fenugreek. Add oil or milk along with honey for extra benefits. These ingredients are best for dry, coarse hair because it will bring it back to life.

Try Below Hair Masks for Your Coarse Hair:

7. Apply oils on your hair

It can be a really great help if you use oils for head massage. Oils contain conditioning and nourishing hair properties that help in reducing the dryness and offer shine and softness to the hair. Some of the best oils for coarse hair are sesame oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Massage your hair scalp and hair with oil and cover it with a cloth or scarf. Leave the oil for almost an hour or overnight before washing it.

8. Hair Rinses

To make your coarse hair softer, silkier, healthier and more comfortable to manage, add hair rinses to your hair care routine. Some of the good essential oils for dry, coarse hair rinses are rose, spearmint, lavender, clove, jasmine, eucalyptus, tea tree and more. The best way to utilize this oil is by mixing them in a cup of water and storing the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply the hair rinse evenly on your hair. You can leave the hair rinse for a few days because it does not damage your hair. They prevent dryness and frizz from your hair, nourish and hydrate every hair strand leaving your coarse hair soft, silky and shiny. You can use it 1-2 times a week whenever you think your hair requires a quick boost.

9. Try Co-washing

Co-washing is one such method you can opt for if you have dry, coarse hair and needs immediate rescue. In this method, you don’t use shampoo for washing your hair. You always wash your hair with conditioner only, and it will rinse the dirt out of your hair but will deposit moisture in it and prevent dryness at the same time. After co-washing, apply a hair oil or hair serum on the hairs avoiding the hair scalp. This will provide nourishment to your hair before it gets deposited inside your scalp area. Use those serums that are specially designed for coarse and dry hair.

10. Go Easy With Hair Styling Tools

Flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons, are a few tools used for making hairstyles. These tools produce high heat that creates bubbles in the hair cuticles, which leads to damaged and unhealthy hair. It also leads to split ends and breakage. If you are using heated tools on your coarse hair, apply a heat protectant and then use the appliances at the lowest temperature possible. The best thing is to avoid using it on coarse hair for soft and silky hair.

Getting soft and silky hair is time taking and requires a lot of patience. Stick to any of the tips, as mentioned earlier for a month to see the best result. All you need is some free time from your daily routine to make your coarse hair soft and silky forever.

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