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Summer is the best time of our lives! It means vacations, outdoor activities, fun and joyful time with your friends and family. Leaving the fun aside, it is sad that you get cooped up inside your house just to protect your hair from damage, isn’t it? The sweat, heat, and humidity take a toll on your good hair days leaving you cutting down on your fun time. Keep your hair healthy even in summers as we have brought out some hair care tips just for you.

Don’t you worry, we are here to help you and give a solution so that you can keep your hair healthy even in the scorching heat. There are several ways to protect your hair against damage in summers and all you need is to have a strict hair care routine for summers. Love your hair and they will reciprocate your love for sure!

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How Does Summer Effect Your Hair?

The sizzling summer affects adversely on our hair making them dead and lifeless. The high humidity content in the atmosphere weighs your hair down and makes your scalp oily. Sweat and dust particles cause dandruff, split ends and frizz in your hair. This leads to excessive hair fall and hair breakage that makes your hair limp and dull. Hence, it is advisable to have a proper hair care routine and take protective measures while stepping outdoors in summers.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy | Ways To Take Care of Your Hair in Summers?

Overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays during summers causes irreparable damage to your hair. Also, swimming in chlorinated water affects your hair adversely. In order to protect your hair from this long-term damage, all you need is to take care of your hair.

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Here are some of the ways to keep your hair healthy listed below with which you can make your good hair days last long:

1. Follow A Mandatory Summer Hair Care Routine

Follow A Mandatory Summer Hair Care RoutineHaving a strict summer hair care routine is what it takes to make your beautiful. Before that, examine your hair and know your hair and scalp type. Accordingly, you can choose different products in the market to ease your routine and save your precious time. Also, you can set a weekly treatment for your hair that helps you provide extra nourishment to your hair. Make a list of products that you might need for your hair care and set aside some time daily to replenish your hair.

2. Go For A Trim Or Hair Cut


Go for a trim or a hair cutIf you’ve had a hair cut long back, then it’s the time that you go for a haircut or at least a trim to get rid of split ends and dead hair. The overgrown hair near the ends makes your hair look dull and damaged. It causes unnecessary hair breakage and tangles in your hair which leads to hair loss. In order to save your hair from further damage, a haircut, or trim is advisable.

You can apply Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream in order to repair your hair and reduce hair breakage and tangles in your hair.

3. Use A UV Protectant On Your Hair

Use A UV Protectant On Your HairJust like you apply sunscreen over your skin to protect it from harmful UV rays, the same way your hair needs sun protection. UV protectants for hair can prove to be a great friend of yours as it prevents your hair from oxidization. UVA and UVB rays cause long-term damage to your hair which is fatal your hair health. Hence, you should always apply a UV protectant while stepping out of your house and cover your hair with a scarf or a cap to keep dust and dirt away from your hair.

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You can also apply African Pride Olive Miracle Anti Breakage Crème Formula that replenishes moisture in your hair and reduces breakage. It also adds natural shine which makes you flip your hair with confidence.

4. Dampen Your Hair with Water Before Entering the Swimming Pool

Dampen Your Hair with Water Before Entering the Swimming PoolSaturate your hair with water completely to provide less room for the chlorine to get absorbed by your scalp and hair. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner, a lotion or a moisturizer on your hair before entering the pool.

African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Leave-In Conditioner is considered the best to apply on your hair and scalp as it shields your hair from chlorine damage.

5. Always Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Always Keep Your Hair MoisturizedYour hair needs moisturization just like your skin does! It is mandatory to apply a moisturizer on your hair after bathing or showering. Choose a moisturizer or a lotion which is suitable for your hair and scalp type and apply it on your hair thrice in a week. Massage the moisturizer or the lotion into your scalp and hair before stepping out. Comb your hair for even distribution and style your hair as desired. A light-weight formula that does not weigh your hair down will be perfect.

6. Wash Your Hair Alternatively

Wash Your Hair AlternativelyYou should wash your hair alternatively to remove dirt and dust from your hair. It does not let sweat and humidity affect your hair for long. Choose a nourishing shampoo for your hair that replenishes your hair as well as keep your hair moisturized.

You can apply Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream Shampoo on your hair to make your scalp and hair clean. It is made up of natural ingredients that make your hair stronger and shinier.

7. Avoid Hair Cosmetics and Heat Styling

Avoid Hair Cosmetics and Heat StylingSummer and the wicked sun are already heating your hair which is enough for your hair to manage. It is recommended that you should avoid any external heating and give time to your hair to dry themselves naturally. Avoid blow dryers, hair sprays, curling irons to style your hair as they tend to damage your hair and promote thinning of your hair.

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You can take some styling tips from How To Style Your Hair In Summers In 3 Simple Ways?

8. Condition Your Hair After Shampooing

Condition Your Hair After ShampooingYour hair needs a conditioner to keep your hair healthy & smooth, bouncy and nourished after shampooing. It also maintains the hydration level in your hair and adds volume to your hair. It helps bring back the lost shine to your hair and replenish essential nutrients in your hair. It makes detangling easy after washing your hair which reduces hair breakage. Also, a conditioner acts as a shield on your hair against sun damage.

9. Avoid Keeping Your Hair Loose

Avoid Keeping Your Hair LooseThe summer makes your hair extra dry and it creates frizz in your hair. If you keep your hair loose, dirt, dust, and sweat might accumulate in your hair more easily and damage your hair. Hence, it is advisable to tie your hair most of the times. Try new hairstyles like ponytails, braids, and buns as they are quite trendy and protect your hair from external damage.

10. Follow A Healthy Diet

follow a healthy dietInclude fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet in order to improve your hair health. This helps keep your body temperature normal and keeps your scalp moisturized. It is an essential hair care tip for summer that you should always adhere to. Drink plenty of water in your body as it directly affects your scalp. It regulates your blood circulation which promotes the strengthening of your hair.

Hair damage due to summers is a lot but it is not an impossible task to take care of your hair and maintain their health. Now, that you know how to take care of your hair, you can step out of your house without any stress.

Have a happy summer! Hope you like our article “Best Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy”

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