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    Regret you current hair colour? You can change the old hair colours back to basic. Colour from the prior dye job can sometimes be seen, potentially ruining the current shade.This is where the hair colour remover comes to the picture. What else you need with a colour remover is a toner. The purpose of a hair toner is to bring out the best in your natural hair colour. This formulation is available in several different products, including shampoo, mask, conditioner, and a stand-alone toner. Simply said, a hair toner helps clarify the hair's tonality, enhances the colour, and keeps your hair looking its best.


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    Recommended by experts and opted for by industry specialists, offers colour removers and toners in a wide range of varieties. Whether you've had enough of your current hair dye colour or you just want to go back to your natural colour, the ProVoke Hair Colour Remover can help you achieve your desired result. In just 30 minutes, your hair will go back to its natural colour. 


    Each of Cosmetize’s hair dye removers come with clear instructions for use. The  proprietary blend of Kaolin clay qualities can swiftly restore your hair to its natural colour. If you've ever had a colour mishap or dyeing disaster, this dye remover, which works with a wide range of hair dyes, could become your new BFF. If you need help with using this hair dye, ask for it at your local hairdresser. The Crazy Colour Remover & ProVoke Hair Colour Remover makes it simple to return to your base after a little trip. 


    Hair colour remover can be used to get rid of permanent hair dye by breaking down the dye into smaller particles that can be washed away with water. This allows you to restore your natural hair colour and remove permanent hair colouring at home without using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia.






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    1.ProVoke Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength£5.25
    2. Crazy Colour Back To Base Hair Colour Remover - 45g£5.75



    Top Hair Removers & Toners Brands at offers Hair colour removers and toners from leading brands like ProVoke and Crazy Colour Back to Base. Get back to basics if you're tired of your current hair colour and want to go back to your base hair colour now at a price you can afford by trying out our exciting selection. Whether you're in the market for a new look or just want to keep your basic hair colour, Cosmetize has you covered with the finest online deals.


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    One of its best applications is hair colouring without affecting the integrity of your hair while keeping your tresses lustrous and lush. 




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