Let your eyebrows do the talking!


    Eyebrows - they can make or break a face. After all, brows give your face structure and frame your eyes. Your eyebrows are one of your most noticeable facial features because of the variety of tasks they carry out. They contour the face, draw attention to the eyes and frame then. An anti-aging secret that is less well known is having well manicured and made up eyebrows. Your face can be lifted by having correctly groomed brows, which also makes your eyes look younger and more open.

    With Cosmetize’s selection of eyebrow enhancer products you can fill, sculpt, or shape your way to flawless brows. You can experiment with brow gels, brow pencils, brow fillers, and brow tints and forms.


    Essential products for your eyebrow kit


    There are three different products you can use to fill in your eyebrows - pomade, tinted eyebrow gels, and eyebrow pencils. While what you use is a personal choice based on what you are comfortable with, you do need at least one of these products for your makeup kit.


    Brow gels


    For people who are just starting out or who want to quickly shape and tame their brows, eyebrow gels are the ideal solution. They're quite simple to use, available in a variety of colours to match your individual brow colour. You can also try clear eyebrow gel which tames your eyebrow without adding any extra colour.


    Brow pencils


    Although they need a little more skill, eyebrow pencils can be quickly mastered with some practice. They can be used to simulate minuscule, individual eyelashes. The best brow pencils have wax as their major component, which enables the product to shape brows naturally without being overly stiff or sticky. They can be used to restore the form of the brow and fill in any missing areas. You can get brow pencils from Cosmetize in a variety of hues and colours. They can be attached with a spoolie eyebrow brush, retracted, or in a twist-up form. If you want your brows to be more defined, choose a colour that is one shade darker than your natural hair colour.


    Brow pomades

    It takes a little more time and effort to learn how to use eyebrow pomades properly. But when done properly, they may change over plucked brows into full brows, scraggly brows into shapely brows, and hardly there brows into front and centre brows.

    Brow palettes


    A set of brow items manufactured specifically for use with one another is called a brow kit. When you are unsure of what colour or style is ideal for you, they give you the choice of trying several brow products at once. Eyebrow kits often include a two-tone eyebrow powder or pencil, an angled brush for application, and brow wax to keep the product waterproof and smudge-proof while also holding your eyebrow hairs in place. Both synthetic and natural bristles are available for angled brushes. Brushes come in a variety of shapes and bristle types; you can choose the style that works best for you. Some brushes are thin and tapered, while others might be thick or angled.


    Brow tints


    Water-based and oil-based are the two different types of brow tints. Very dark eyebrow hairs can be lightened with water-based brow tints. Oil-based brow tints work well for colouring both light and dark eyebrows, giving you a bold appearance that lasts for a longer period of time. Oil-based tints are good if you have dark to extremely dark brown hair, whereas water-based tints are typically suitable for persons with naturally light-colored eyebrows. Additionally, tints are preferable for those with sparse brows since they can help fill them up and make them appear larger.


    Eyebrow enhancer products at Cosmetize


    Add eyebrow makeup products to your makeup kit from Cosmetize’s curated product selection. Get eyebrow care products like razors and lash enhancers to prep and pamper your eyebrows. 

    So, select your brow products today to let your eyebrows do the speaking!




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