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    Managing curly hair can take a toll on you, and straight hair may seem dull after a point. Straight, wavy, or curly - no matter your hair type, it is natural to experiment and try out new styles. Using chemicals to straighten curly hair or relaxing the texture of frizzy hair is possible with relaxers and texturizersThey are excellent products that can help straighten the hair, make them more manageable, and deliver a softer hair texture. 


    What are Hair Relaxers & Texturizers 

    A hair relaxer works with curls to reduce them by breaking down hair strands and altering the hair texture chemically. Hair relaxers are lotion or cream-based products. They are used by people with curly hair or tight curls or those who want highly straight hair without any frizz. Some people recommend visiting a salon for the best experience. However, the process can be tedious and time-consuming. Hair relaxer kits can be used for application at home to straighten the hair by relaxing the curls. These kits are convenient to use, cost-effective, and can be handled efficiently by following the instructions. 


    Texturizers are milder versions of hair relaxers. A texturizer is a natural chemical treatment that loosens the curls, smoothes and de-frizzes the hair. It is similar to the relaxer and manipulates the hair's natural texture. The treatment is left for less than five minutes after application on the hair. 


    Using Hair Relaxer Kits at home

    General precautions that must be followed while using hair relaxer kits at home


    • Refrain from shampooing your hair before using the hair relaxer kits. It may be irritating.
    • To spread the product evenly on your hair, ensure they are thoroughly detangled. 
    • Divide your hair into small sections and avoid product wastage.
    • Avoid applying the hair relaxer on your scalp.
    • While relaxing your hair, avoid raking the comb on them. The comb should be used only for distributing the product evenly and smoothening it
    • Wash your hair only once or twice a week after applying a hair relaxer using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.


    Range at Cosmetize

    Cosmetize offers hair relaxers that can last for six to eight weeks and give you a straight hair look. Please visit the Cosmetize website to explore brands like World of Curls, Sofn'Free, Cantu, Dark and Lovely, Organic Root Stimulator, African Pride, and many more. Kids Relaxer & Texturizer is available at Cosmetize for your kid's hair care.


    Dark and Lovely Relaxer contains Shea Butter for moisturising and restoring hair. It nourishes hair and looks smooth, straight, shiny, and vibrant. Weak and damaged hair can be strengthened, avoiding breakage and split ends. The Dark and Lovely Relaxer has variants suitable for different types of curly hair and reverses damage from chemical treatments resulting in healthy and manageable hair. 


    The ORS Olive Oil Relaxer is a lightweight hair relaxer kit providing a quick touch-up, and it promotes zone relaxing that targets essential areas of the hair. It is infused with natural olive oil rich in fatty acids that impart moisture straight into the scalp making hair stronger and healthier.


    Sofn'free Curl Activator Lotion is infused with protein and Jojoba oil, and it moisturises hair without making it look greasy or matted. A unique blend of Vitamin E in the lotion restores proper moisture balance for healthy hair and improved texture. Sofn'free Curl Activator Lotion makes styling flexible without weighing hair and giving it a natural shine.



    Manage your Curls with Relaxers and Texturizers

    Relaxer and texturizer treatments can be availed professionally or at home. However, they need regular touch-ups, unlike other permanent hair straightening treatments. A professional session may be expensive, but it can take care of your hair by adding nutrients stripped during the process. If you want a more affordable option, hair relaxer kits can be used at home. Shop at Cosmetize and get exclusive discounts on our range of relaxers and texturizers. Manage your curls and get a stunning look!




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