11 Long Feathered Cut Hairstyles Ideas for Girls

There are a lot of hair cuts that we all love, like layers, steps, etc. But the haircut that we have loved for decades is a feathered hair cut. In the 1970’s Farrah Fawcett, a renowned actress, mostly known as Charlie’s Angels, did the haircut and was adopted by many. This hair cut because of


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There are a lot of hair cuts that we all love, like layers, steps, etc. But the haircut that we have loved for decades is a feathered haircut. In the 1970’s Farrah Fawcett, a renowned actress, mostly known as Charlie’s Angels, did the haircut and was adopted by many. This hair cut because of the popularity of the actress is also known as Farrah Fawcett’s hair cut.

Although mainly it was designed for the straight hairstyle with time it got adopted in many types of hair cut and all kinds of hair types. Now it is so versatile that it can go on any kind of curly hair, wavy, straight, blonde hair. Any hair length can go for this hairstyle medium, short and long. It adds volume to the hair that we all love.

What is Feathered Hair Cut?

It involves how layers are given, but the twist is it does reverse layering creating the feathered look. It is cut in a way that gives that bird’s feather looks hence named feathered cut. This haircut is achieved by not rolling the hair inward normally but upward-pointing towards the sky.

Once the hair is pointed upward-pointing sky, then it is cut in V shape creating this look. So this can be actually added to any kind of haircut like layered or step etc. These hairs cut one go for the all-season look. Try this short haircut in summer for good looks. Create a wavy feathered look in winter and always be in trend.

Today we are bringing 11 long feathered cut hairstyles ideas you girls can definitely rock. Again even if you have short hair or bob cut you can go for this haircut. It is not only for women, but men also love this haircut. John Travolta had amazingly carried this look. However, today we are discussing hairstyle ideas for long hair. Without further adieu, let us get started.

1) Layered Feathered Hair Cut

This haircut is mostly for girls who have straight hair; this haircut would give that stylish look that we all want. Layers added with feathered hair cut just give that amazing statement and bouncy look that we love to have. This haircut would look more amazing if you have a thick hair texture. It will enhance the beauty of your facial features and give that a simple yet elegant look.

2) Classic Feathered Cut Hairstyles

This hairstyle is classic and can go with a middle or side partition; it maintains the length of our long hair from the sides. Mostly in feathered hair cut the length of the hair reduces but in this style length is maintained. This haircut is loved by many and is usually the go-to style. Although this hair cut any type of hair can go for however if you have wavy hair, then it would look best.

3) Wavy Feathered Hairstyle

If you have long thick hair next time you go to the salon, please ask for this haircut. This feathered haircut would give you that stylish and chic look. Add long bangs, and it would give the best look. If you have wavy or curly or straight hair this feathered hair cut, you would absolutely love it. It is also good for the summer or beach look. One can create waves by using a curler if the hair texture is not wavy. Ensure to have soft waves as it would look best with this hairstyle and let it loose for any occasion.

4) Messy Look Feathered Hair Cut

Tired of an elegant and chic look? Want to go for something different and low maintenance. Then do opt for this haircut, it would give an edgy and exceptional look. Another best part of this feathered hair cut is very easy to maintain. Add long or short bangs and complete the look.

This stylish feathered haircut can pull any type of look one would want. Adding bangs or fringe is always a good idea. Do go to the salon for that and not experiment at home for the best result. We have all cut bangs at home in 2021 we all know how that went. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5) Fringe Feathered Bangs Hair Cut

One literally has this on any hair type. Just have French fringe and have feathered hair cut in the bottom. It will definitely make you look younger and give a very modern look. I have a long forehead, and it would look the best. This look just changes the whole look overall.

6) Side-Swept Bangs

This type of haircut you can go for if you do not want to have a full feathered haircut or a typical Farrah Fawcett look. You can just have side bangs with a feathered haircut that would enhance facial features.

If you already have layered hair, it gives that emphasis that it needs. If you have wavy hair, then this would look fantastic. Side bangs on the side and wavy hair on the bottom just what you need to rule the world. We totally of the opinion that hairstyle changes the personality and enhances confidence.

7) Running Braid Hairstyle

If you already have long feathered hair cut just add a running braid. If one is good at braiding, then this hairstyle is going to. It will give that dramatic look that you want. If you cannot braid then do take help from the experts but do try this look. One would want to go for this hairstyle again and again. If bored can just have a braid on one side giving that ethnic look if you one would want to go for that.

8) Waterfall Look With Feathered Hair Cut

Surely by the name itself you can imagine how this hairstyle would look. This hairstyle is best if you want something totally different yet elegant, for this one would need the help of an expert to create this look. It would give you that dreamy look that one would want.

You can keep the hair on only one side of the face and it would just look amazing. This hairstyle is best if you have an evening date or that special night. It goes well with gowns or backless dresses. If you want to be the centre of attraction then definitely try this look and haircut.

9) Razor-Sharp Feather

It is ideal if you want to look sharp. The name itself is razor-sharp. This type of feather cut is suitable for all girls who have thin hair texture. The razor cut is created with a straight edge razor for the purpose to end thin. It adds volume with the sharp cuts. If you have medium hair length or long, it would give that volume and look that hair needs.

10) Natural Feathers

This hairstyle is for all who do not want to experiment or go crazy. If you want a daily office look or college look or just a simple look for every day. This haircut is layered, giving that feather-like quality but in a natural way. The purpose of the hairstyle is merely to give that natural look to your hair. Hence you can have the best natural you every day.

11) Layered and Flipped Hairstyle

This hairstyle is just one step more to make your hair look voluminous and bouncy. The Layer starts from the medium or bottom part of your hair and ends at the bottom and then it curls to give that flipped look. It is one of my most favourite looks to go for. Whenever you walk, it would get the attention it needs, and hair would like pieces stacked together. Of course, the bounce will add that dramatic effect. This type of hairstyle is not so hard to maintain just needs a roller brush to keep the hair flipped at the bottom.

The feathered hairstyle has been rocked by many celebrities from Farrah Fawcett to Princess Diana to Selena Gomez. It never goes out of style as it is so versatile. If you have a pixie, bob, or blunt feathered haircut, it will go with anything.

Certain hairstyles look good on a certain type of hair or face shape. But with the feathered haircut, you can experiment and go crazy.

Certainly believe that haircuts have the power to change a person’s personality. Feathered hair cut though it common but at the same type it is uncommon because it can have so much variety in it.

Now the most common thing we say is hairstyle doesn’t remain after we are out of the salon. It is because any hairstyle needs maintenance. Though it adds volume and bounciness to the hair, it still needs to be taken care of otherwise the ends of the hair would have split ends. It can make your hair frizzy and can spoil the haircut. If you have a feathered haircut, there are few things that need to be kept in mind to keep the look for a long time.

  • A feathered haircut requires a lot of conditioning at hair ends. Do not forget otherwise you may end up with split ends.
  • Use an appropriate shampoo so that it doesn’t make your hair flat.
  • Between hair wash, use dry shampoo so that hair does not look all flat.
  • Instead of using a wide comb, use a brush to keep the look.
  • Comb it less frequently.
  • Reduce the use of heating hair styling products.
  • Use hair styling products like styling gel, pomade, etc.
  • Use a roller brush to roll the end of the hair instead.
  • To maintain the hair cut, please trim your hair once in six or three weeks depending on the growth of your hair. If you maintain the hairstyle or haircut.
  • Last but not least, you should not make bun or tie hair; it changes the styled hair.

Now you may think only young girls or boys can go for these hairstyles but no matter what one’s age is, definitely rock this hairstyle. Over 40 or under 20 anyone can go for this haircut as long as one can maintain it. Hence age is not a problem for this type of haircut. Just need love to style our hair and try different looks.

Layers and Feathered Hair Cut – What Is the Difference?

Another question everyone may have is what is the difference between layers and feathered hair cut. Not much difference is there just the way it is cut differently. Another thing is an additional step to give that texture to the layers.

However, it is not necessary to have layers to have feathered hair cut. Even if you want feathered bangs only, then one can go for it. If one wants a feathered cut only to the bottom part of the hair, one can solely go for that. Hence I keep saying it is very versatile.

One more question may arise if it is only for women?

This haircut does not distinguish between men and women. Anyone can go for it. As mentioned above, John Travolta was looking totally badass in this hairstyle. He was iconic not only for dance moves but for hairstyles as well. Do not be afraid just go for it.


You have a stylish feathered look or must-have feather flair whichever way one would want to go, but it is the best go-to hairstyle. I think everyone needs to have this hairstyle at least once in their lifetime, or one can go for it, again and again, trying different styles each time. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try as many styles as you can.

Always give the love, care, and nourishment the hair needs. Things last if you take care of it, that goes for hairstyle and cuts as well.

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