Heat Damage on 4c Hair: Causes & Remedies

4c hair condition is the type of hair that is more tightly coiled as compare to 4b hair type. The coils of this type of hair have to be defined by either braiding, twisting or shingling through the strands of the hair. The 4c hair type is more coiled and this is the reason it


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4c hair condition is the type of hair that is more tightly coiled as compare to 4b hair type. The coils of this type of hair have to be defined by either braiding, twisting or shingling through the strands of the hair.

The 4c hair type is more coiled and this is the reason it is more prone to heat damage. Heat damage on 4c hair often occurs due to the fragile or extremely coiled condition of the hair that makes its strand more prone to heat damage that results in moisture content loss, destruction of the natural morphology of the hair that can be led to a permanent transformation of the hair structure.

Heat damaged hair can be characterized by dry and rough strands that have lost their natural and beautiful curl pattern due to thermal damage. On the other hand, excessive heat on the hair can also cause the damage of keratin protein prevailing in your hair which is necessary for good hair strength. It also drains the moisture from inside of the hair strand that makes it appear extremely dry and brittle while cracking the hair cuticle.

So, here we will discuss the causes of heat damage on 4c hair and the measures that can help us to prevent or treat heat damaged 4c hair. Let’s have a look at the causes first and see how you can prevent heat damage to natural hair in the first place.

Causes of Heat Damage on 4c Hair

The heat damaged on 4c hair often results due to the constant contact of the heat-producing hair styling tools that deliver a high level of heat to style your hair according to your demand, but that’s not it! There are other reasons as well that can cause severe heat or thermal damage to your hair and make it lose its natural shine, moisture and structure completely. Read on to find out what are these causes affect the 4c hair condition.

Purple hairdryer in hand on a white background

Use of Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools such as blow dryer, hair straightener or curling truly serve the best to style your hair exactly the way to want but they all come with the disaster for your hair. The level of heat you choose to style your hair may help you to style your hair quickly at that moment but later transform the state of the hair into damaged 4c hair.

Hot water shower

Hot Water Shower

Another great cause of heat-damaged on 4c hair is excessive hair wash with hot water that completely removes the moisture and keratin protein from your hair making it extremely dull and dry. That is the reason it is always recommended by hair experts to wash the hair with cold water and lessen the use of hot water on the hair if you wish to save its condition.

Direct sun exposure

Direct Sun Exposure

As mentioned earlier, 4c hair type is more coiled which can be easily damaged even with the slightest possibility. Exposure of hair to sun heat also causes extreme damage to 4c hair that results in the loss of hair moisture, leaving the hair in fragile, dry and brittle condition.

There is always a way to solve and undo the damage that you and your actions have caused to the hair, even if the condition seems out of hand. So, let’s have a look at remedial measures to solve and treat the damages on the 4c hair that has occurred due to the heat or burn.

How to Prevent Heat Damage on 4c Hair

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Start by Avoiding Heat Styling

The best way to prevent further heat damage to already heat exposed or damaged 4c hair is to avoid the products that give excessive heat to the hair completely for a while. Try to avoid the use of heat styling products for at least one or two months straight and see the difference in the 4c hair condition.

Say no to all chemical treatments

Say No to All Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments like smoothening, colouring and others may not involve heat but can be a disaster for already ruined hair conditions. Therefore, it is important to avoid all the means to avoid such elements that can be more hazardous for the hair type.

Review your daily hair regimen

Review Your Daily Hair Regimen

It is important to reschedule your daily hair routine once your hair is exposed to heat and damaged by it. Be careful about your daily regimen and make sure it includes more hair protective and enhancing products and treatments to repair the damage.

Provide conditioning to hair consistently and in the right way

Provide Conditioning to Hair Consistently and in the Right Way

Conditioning the hair with the best hair conditioner for 4c hair type is essential to consider as the perfect conditioning routine can treat and repair the hair to a great extent. Conditioners are made to add moisture, shine and texture to the hair that can help for heat damage repair quite effortlessly.

Try Our Below Conditioning Products for Hair Conditioning:

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Get Suitable Hair Products

Every hair type requires a particular hair product to keep the hair in perfect condition. These hair products are designed and manufactured according to the type of each hair and meet the demand of that particular hair. Thus, heats damaged 4c hair needs the best quality products that are made especially for this type of hair.

Use Oils for Heat Damage Repair

Oils, whether essential or carrier, benefit all kinds of damaged hair and plays a great part to cure the hair and bring it to its normal and better condition. Give your heat damaged 4c hair oil treatment from time to time or add oil in your daily hair care routine to repair the damage.

Try Our Below Hair Oils for Damaged Hair:

Give time to time trimming

Give Time to Time Trimming

Another good option is to get rid of the damaged part by trimming the hair and cutting off the damaged area if it is not too much. You can give your hair a feather cut or layer cut haircut to remove the damaged part from it with a style.


All in all, the heat damage often results from the constant use of heat styling products such as hairdryers, straighteners, curling machines and more. But it is eternal and can be treated if uses proper means to repair the damages.

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