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Eco Braidsrx Medicated Natural Wax

Product Description
Shiny and healthy hair needs to be maintained and held. ECO BRAIDSRX MEDICATED NATURAL WAX contains the benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil, A, D and E along with the wonders of Cocoa and Shea Butter. The natural wax is crafted to provide a flexible hold to your curls and twists without leaving any crunches behind. Its light fruity aroma energizes your senses. Key features: • Blend of essential oils and minerals, penetrates deep in the hair follicles, and repairs any sort of hair damage. • The natural ingredients make it safe for everyday use, without clogging the scalp pores and leaving any residue thereafter. • The medicated properties of salicylic acid, prevents flaking and dandruff on the scalp, thus keeping your hair clean and healthy.
    How to Use

    · Make your hair dripping wet with water  

    · Apply ECOCO Braids RX Medicated Natural Wax  

    · Massage the wax on your hair from roots to the tips 

    · Comb your hair for even distribution  

    · Rinse your hair with water  

    · Towel dry your hair  

    · Style your hair as desired   

    Ingredients / Materials
    Not Available
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