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Aphrodite O3 Ionictable Top Compact Steamer

Product Description

Aphrodite O3 Ionic Table Top Compact Steamer is a compact table top hood steamer ideal for treatments, colouring, perming, conditioning, removing dandruff and many more jobs. The ionic table top steamer is highly portable and can be placed anywhere at home or salon for the desired treatment. You can easily switch from face treatments to hair treatments due to its versatile design. This steamer has a balanced body which makes it ideal for personal or professional use.

Key Features

• Dual design ideal for face and hair

• Free standing table top hair and face steamer

• Highly portable

• Versatile design

    How to Use
    • Turn the steamr on 
    • Choose the kind of treatement you want and switch it on 
    • Do not forget to add water and salt in the steamer 
    • Make sure that the water level is at maximum level marked in the jar
    • Cover your face or hair with the lid
    • Start steaming and steam until satisfied 
    Ingredients / Materials
    Not Available
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    Questions & Answers
    How is it useful ?
    The only one of its kind in the world 2 in 1 free standing table top hair & face steamer. This table top steamer can be placed around the house on a table or other convenient place for steaming treatments, both for hair and face.
    25 April, 2019
    Kiera Friel
    Verified Buyer
    What does make it do ?
    The dual design makes it easy to switch from a hair treatment to a face treatment in seconds. With its well balanced body and easy to use control switches it makes this product ideal for home and salon use
    24 April, 2018
    Kevin Mangan
    Verified Buyer
    What it is used of ?
    Used as a complement to beauty treatments. The ozone switch on the base of the steamer allows you to control weather you need an ozone treatment or not.
    11 June, 2019
    Lyn Peacock
    Verified Buyer
    In what ways its ideal for ?
    Treatments , Colouring , Perming , Conditioning , Removing Dandruff.
    4 April, 2019
    laura garratt
    Verified Buyer
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