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    Travel Minis for Your Hair


    You devote a significant amount of your time to your skincare and hair care regime. It is a form of self-care that is essential for mental peace in this ever-changing world. But the biggest disruption to your carefully planned routine happens when you are travelling. Skin care products often come in tubes and small plastic jars which don’t take up a lot of space. But hair styling products, especially if you buy Cosmetize’s supersized bottles, can take up a lot of precious suitcase space. But carrying products that suit your hair is essential. The ones provided by most hotels are often generic, and you might harm your hair if you use them. Or you can end up like Monica from Friends – remember her frizzy hair in Barbados? Yeah, that’s definitely something to avoid. So, what’s the solution?


    Travel size hair styling products by Cosmetize is what you need when you are travelling. Be it a long vacation or a short weekend stay, you can now carry your favourite hair styling products in travel-size formats. And who doesn’t love miniatures? Just the tiny size of something big often makes you squeal in delight. No wonder Pomeranians and Mini poodles are so adored. And newborn babies with their tiny hands and feet. And the list goes on. 


    Travel Size Hair Styling Products


    If you are quite particular about your hair styling products, you will love Cosmetize’s travel size hair care kits and styling products. You can find various brands catering to your travel needs in this segment. Brands like Cantu, Paul Mitchell, Joico, Nioxin, Palmer’s etc., all have travel sized bottles of their best-selling hair styling products. 


    Products available in travel size at Cosmetize


    Most of the mentioned brands have shampoos and conditioners in travel sized bottles ranging between 25 ml and 75 ml which makes them an ideal option to place them in your carry-on baggage. Do remember to check up the airport liquid restrictions in case you plan to have your styling products on hand. Some of these products like the Cantu gel and Crème of Nature hair masque come in use and throw packs which makes them so convenient. 

    Beyond the ubiquitous shampoo and conditioner, you will find glossy primers for hair, styling gels, intense hydrating treatments, pure argan oils, toning shampoos etc – all of which come in secure spill proof bottles. 

    You can also avail protective sprays which shield your hair against sun damage while you work on getting that tan at the beach. 


    Psst… do you want to know a secret?


    Travel size bottles are also great as samples. You can use them to try out the product and then go on to purchase the full bottle. 


    Get travel ready with Cosmetize 


    The next time you are packing your bags, select your favourite travel size hair styling products from the wide variety of offers at Cosmetize. You now have your favourites at your fingertips. 

    Happy hairstyling while you vacation in style!





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