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    Pomade is made out of grease or wax. It is a long-lasting styling tool used worldwide to attain sleek and intricately complicated hairstyles. Different from spray and gel hairstyles, the best styling pomade does not make your hair look dry and parched that soon. Water-based pomade offers a lesser hold leaving a more natural look. Generally, pomade is best applied and spread to towel-dried hair. That's because water activates pomade, distinguishing it from dry-application products like waxes and fibres. 


    Why use a styling pomade?


    Pomades work exceptionally well for hairstyles that are created using a comb. Using a gel-based will dry your hair; on the other hand, pomades do not dry or leave your hair hard and crunchy, allowing you to style your hair repeatedly throughout your event or day. Options for medium to high-shine pomades are widely obtainable. They also add consistency and texture to your hair for a fuller appearance. The advantages of pomade are primarily concentrated on its exceptional strength to hold the hair in place. Most hair stylists use pomade to style curly or out-of-control hair. 


    How to Choose the best styling pomade?


    When it comes to perfecting your look, sometimes it all comes down to the suitable pomade. Pomades are some of the best hair products for styling because they leave your hair feeling soft instead of stiff and are easy to apply.


    • If you're looking to give your hair a boost of fullness, thickening pomade is a must-have styling product for your regimen. This pomade densifies thin and thinning hair for hair that instantly looks thicker.
    • Always go for a water-based pomade formula, which makes it easy to move your hair around throughout the day effortlessly.
    • If you prefer swaying a polished look and want to brush your hair straight back, using a cream pomade is the easiest way. It is perfect if you don't like the shine and would choose to keep things casual.
    • If you want a messy look but have fine hair that can’t seem to carry any hairstyle and tends to lay straight, a clay pomade could be precisely what your hair needs to get some rough texture.
    • Sometimes, we prefer a low-budget, grungy hairstyle that means no shine. To give hair a matte finish, try using a texture pomade.


    Styling Pomade at Cosmetize


    One of our favourites is Paul Mitchell foaming pomade, which works wonders with all hair types. Use them after shampooing to make hair more manageable and softer for longer durations. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, the Paul Mitchell foaming pomade is designed to work with different textures, hair types, and colours. Order the morgans pomade from Cosmetize that eventually darkens grey hair over a time period of 3-4 weeks with regular usage. Our best hair styling products moisturise from deep within, improving hair texture and nourishing scalp health. 


    Some of the best-selling products in the hair styling pomade range at Cosmetize are


    S No.

    Cosmetize Bestsellers

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    Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade - 150ml



    Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Water Based Pomade Pineapple Scent



    Morgans Pomade - 200g



    DAX Super Light Pomade - 7.5oz



    Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Lavender Hair Food Pomade - 4oz





    Give your hair a boost of nourishment with high-quality best styling pomade available at Cosmetize. If you are concerned about chemicals, choose natural products with ingredients that can revitalise your hair, smell great and leave your hair looking smooth and shiny. Cosmetize knows that you value your hair, so we bring you great offers and deals at unbelievable prices so you can invest in the right products and achieve great results. 




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