Hair Moisturisers

    About hair moisturisers

    Daily moisturising plays a crucial role in preventing hair breakage and retaining its length. Using a harsh shampoo or changing your shampoo too often, blow-drying your hair regularly, heat that is emitted from straighteners or curling iron, and harsh chemicals like dyes, perms, and relaxers can cause dry hair and hair fall.


    At Cosmetize we understand your hair type and help you select a good hair moisturiser that helps in achieving shiny hair and keeps it bouncy, defined, and smooth all day long. 


    More than a cream or lotion, now hair sprays are really helpful and easy to apply on the go. You should understand that your scalp is an extension of your skin, which needs water for complete survival. 


    Hence naturally, the hair that grows from within, benefits only when it is properly hydrated. 


    Difference between Hydrating & Moisturising your hair

    You should clearly understand the difference between what is hydrating and moisturising your hair. While hydration is totally about moisture absorption, moisturization is entirely about retaining the moisture absorbed. This means hydrators will normally contain substances like humectants while moisturisers contain sealants or anti-humectants. 


    You are expected to both hydrate and moisturise in order to keep your hair from getting dry and dull. But maintaining moisturised hair isn't always as easy as it sounds.


    Moisturising can help retain the length and continued growth of your hair. You should know that only moisturising your hair doesn't speed up your hair growth, but it definitely does prevent breakage and tangles that will eventually lead to hair fall. 


    If you do not moisturise your scalp regularly, it will probably get very dry, itchy, and flaky which will reflect on the health of your hair.


    Hair moisturisers in Cosmetize 


    Hair styling cream and lotions add a natural shine to rough hair.


    We, at Cosmetize, understand good styling creams should be in a creamy consistency and suggest varieties that will help in styling and shaping your hair. Plus, due to their rich consistency, these creams act as very good hydrators that are capable of providing extra nourishment and moisture to hair. This makes them ideal for hair prone to dryness and breakage.


    Products available at Cosmetize help in smoothing dry hair and holding them well so that they don't fall apart. It removes frizz and flyaways without making them look heavy. Nowadays there are many styling products for men available in the market. 


    Men styling cream does not only fulfil styling needs but also works to make your hair healthy and stylish. 


    Creams and Gels in Cosmetize


    We, at Cosmetize, know the exact impact of styling creams and gels on your hair. Hence, we suggest styling creams that are rich in moisturisers and are much lighter than hair gels. These creams help moisturise dry hair and create a very light hold on your hairstyle as they dry eventually. They won't hold your hair as firmly as a gel does, but they also won't dry it out as much either. 


    Styling creams are known to provide a softer and more natural look while smoothening the frizziness in your hair.


    Hence, we help you to carefully select a daily moisturising product to use in the morning that will be gentle to your hair, and gently mist your hair with water at night if required. If your hair feels dry by mid-day, using a refresher spray will do wonders. 




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