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    Give your hair the edgy, modern vibe of a millennial and you'll feel ready for your very own red carpet moment. Inspiring as they may be, trying a new hair colour isn't always a walk in the park, but it's hard to resist when perusing social media and coming across all the gorgeous hair colour trends people are sporting these days. But you can try out new hues with temporary hair colours and semi-permanent hair dye. 


    In 2022, experts predict that semi-permanent pink hair dye will be popular, along with honey gold bronde, cinnamon red, and toasted caramel tones. 



    Semi-permanent hair dye range at


    It is a deposit-only temporary hair dye that usually lasts through a few washes and can go even longer with the right products. Semi-permanent hair colour, in contrast to demi, does not require a developer and gives the best results when applied to clean, damp hair. For example, a leading brand’s semi-permanent pink hair dye can do more than just colour your hair; it can also temporarily boost your hair's tone for a little extra oomph in between dye jobs. 


    Semi-permanent hair dyes from come in various colours, brands, consistencies, and organic/non-organic mediums to meet your individual needs for a particular look.





    Direction hair dye is one of our most popular products, and also one of the most highly regarded in the business, beloved by stylists and celebrities alike. Popular because of its versatility in allowing users to formulate their hair colour. This particular brand has a conditioning effect without causing damage to your hair because it does not contain a developer. This brand's Turquoise hair dye, one of its most unusual colours, is sure to turn heads whenever you wear it.



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    Manic Panic Creamtones Perfect Pastel Hair Colour - Blue Angel



    Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour - Pastel Pink



    Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Marshmallow





    Top Semi-permanent hair dye Brands at


    Direction brand, Manic Panic brand, and Crazy Color brand hair dye are just a few of the many high-quality products sold at These brands provide industry-leading quality, for example, Crazy Color brand hair dyes are enriched with argan oil and tea tree oil, which nourish your hairWith their semi-permanent hair dye, anyone can experiment with bold colour choices and elaborate hairdos as a means of self-expression, charging things up whenever the mood strikes.  The marshmallow, bubblegum, blue angel, vermilion red, rubine, sapphire, and turquoise hair dyecolours are all available in the cream and spray medium. Many hair colouring methods, such as ombre, balayage, highlights, burnishing, and others, make use of these colours. 


    Trends in Semi-permanent hair dye categories


    When it comes to the hair colour trends of 2022, there are a few styles that tend to be preferred by everyone. The changing of the seasons in the fall opens the door to trying out new hairstyles. Olivia Wilde's golden caramel highlights, Zendaya's chocolate cherry, and Megan Rapinoe's double press colour (lavender and platinum blonde) are just a few of the celebrity hair colour combinations in trend.


    Try out the chunky ribbons and playground highlights you saw at the MET Gala, or go for a sandy blonde or two-toned colour.


    Whether you want to be a fashion icon, a girl next door, a sleek corporate professional, or a sophisticated diva, semi-permanent hair dyes allow you to express all of these and more.

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