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    Beautiful coloured hair can look worn out and shabby when hair growth is visible. No matter how fantastic the hair colour looks, your beautiful tresses will show a distinction as the hair grows. This distinction will be more prominent if your chosen hair colour is drastically different from your natural hair colour. Trust root touch-up products to solve this problem for you. They effectively manage your hair colour and refresh it between hair treatments. 


    How does Root Touch-up work?


    A mixture of hair dye and concealer allows root touch-up products to blend the colour of your roots with the desired shade. These products are available in powder or cream forms that can be applied with an attached brush or sponge. Hair Colour Concealing Powders quickly dry once out of the tube to form a solid substance that you can brush like an eyebrow pencil.


    Hair colour concealing creams are designed to be used on top of base colour and usually come in three different shades for dark blondes, medium brown to black hair, and light brown to ash blonde. Products in cream form act like concealers that blend effortlessly into the hair when applied with a sponge or fingertips. The product has to be left undisturbed to dry for a few minutes before it's fixed with hair styling tools and accessories like hairspray or heat from a hair dryer or curling iron. Hair-concealing creams are a quick and convenient way to achieve a thicker hair appearance, and you can use them a few minutes before an occasion. They are cost-effective and can quickly improve hair colour without burning a hole in your pocket.


    How long does a Root Touch-up Last?


    Root growth happens at a different pace for everyone, but on average, a root touch-up lasts four to six weeks. However, if you want to cover greys, your salon visits will be more frequent, recurring every three to four weeks. 


    Root Touch-up Products Range from Cosmetize


    Cosmetize has curated the best hair root touch-up products and brands at our online store, such as Cover Your Gray, Crème Of Nature, and many more. 


    Here are the bestsellers for root touch-up products from Cosmetize.


    Bestsellers from Cosmetize


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    Cover Your Gray Men's Touch-up Stick - 4.2g, Medium Brown



    Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Dark Brown Gel 



    Cover Your Gray Root Touch Up - 7g, Black



    Cover Your Gray Brush In Wand - 7g, Auburn



    Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges For Extra Hold - 2.25oz



    Cover Your Gray Fill In Powder - 6.8g, Black



    Cover Your Gray Touch Up Stick - 4.2g, Auburn



    Cover Your Gray Men's Touch-up Stick - 4.2g, Black



    Cover Your Gray Waterproof Brush In Wand - 15g, Black



    Cover Your Gray Waterproof Root Touch-up - 15g, Black





    Root Touch-up products can be used to colour hair at home and, unlike hair dye, do not transfer to skin or clothing. You can use a root touch-up powder before going out, and it will perfectly hide your roots between your permanent hair colour sessions, and they are perfect for adding depth to your hair colour. Shop at Cosmetize for the best deals on root touch-up products to touch up your hair and achieve beautiful styles.




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