How to Shape a Long Beard: 5 Simple Steps

People usually wish for a day when their beard game is on point, which certainly makes them look more manly and confident. Subsequently, People with long heavy beards usually have a hard time maintaining their long beards and whiskers. One can easily go into a salon and get his grooming done accordi


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People usually wish for a day when their beard game is on point, which certainly makes them look more manly and confident. Subsequently, People with long heavy beards usually have a hard time maintaining their long beards and whiskers.

One can easily go into a salon and get his grooming done according to his preference, but most men prefer to do it by themselves.

If you are one of those men, we’ve got you covered with this article which will have a deeper insight.

This goes from effective ways of grooming your beard with different tools such as beard trimmers and scissors to the type of beard oils and combs to use. One can simply go through our guide and decide which beard shapes suit their style, keeping one’s facial hairs in mind.

Quick Summary:

Find Your Perfect Beard Shape:

If you are trying to shape your heavy natural beard, the foremost step is to find the best beard style depending upon your face shape.

Combing Your Beard Hair All in One Same Direction

Trim the overly wiry and stragglers hair according to your beard and face shape, keeping the length of the beard in mind.

Defining Your Sideburns

One must always define their sideburns. It involves removing all the stray hairs which are above your beard line or the cheekbone.

Detailing your neckline with a beard trimmer or scissors to remove stray hairs

Brushing up hairs around the lips

You should always make sure no hairs cover the lips by carefully trimming the hairs around the upper lips area.

Finding Your Beard Shape

When you are on the way to determine your beard shape the foremost thing you should keep in your mind is your cheekbone structure. That’s because it will play a crucial role in providing a proportionate look to your face. A heavy beard can add many details to your features if you have a narrower face structure. Similarly, a person who has a wider face, a full wide beard will do the trick. In the end, one should make sure the beard shape is kept proportionate according to one’s facial structure.

With a longer beard comes no longer hair responsibility, one would most likely not have a longer hairstyle if he has a heavy beard. Well, indeed, short hairs with a closed cropped beard could easily enhance your features or a longer beard with shorter hair could also work. Balancing your beard hairs with the hairs on your head is what matters. If that’s done properly, one will not face any difficulty finding the perfect beard shape for yourself.

Trimming your Beard

Trimming Your Beard

Make sure you wash your beard thoroughly before you start trimming it. It’s to ensure that any dust particles residing inside the beard pass away. After the beard is clean and dry, comb it all in the same direction.

You should first always prefer to trim your beard with the comb if it is in desperate need of that. Start by removing stray hairs which are around your beard.

Then brush it thoroughly to remove any dust particles which may have entered it. Once you have finished trimming after obtaining a suitable length and you’re satisfied with it, take the scissors and cut off stranglers or any other long wiry hairs.

We recommend you use a cordless waterproof beard and moustache trimmer with an adjustable guard. Using a trimmer with a guard makes trimming easier and safer. It is the simplest way to get rid of unwanted hair and make your beard look on point. You can start by keeping the large guard setting until you reach your suitable size.

For a detailed look, you should cut the hair with a comb and scissors. Another alternative that you can experiment with is cutting by keeping the trimmer at the lowest setting and using the comb. Don’t forget to remove all the stray hairs around your beard with the shaping attachment provided with the trimmer.

Defining your sideburns

Defining Your Sideburns

If you have a full-length beard, you’ll need to find out the point from where the hair on your head begins, and your beard hair ends. The majority of men tend to ignore the sideburns, which result in growing long hairs around the ears.

If you know to run your fingers between the comb and the clippers, you can match what most hairdressers do in the salon creating a nice taper. One of the best methods to shape your sideburns is tapering, which becomes a lot simpler with a beard trimmer.

One can start by removing a small number of hairs on the bridge between the beard and hairline until you have not found a suitable length and shape which you seek. Starting can be rough, but once you set your hands on it, you won’t face any difficulties later.

Detailing your neckline

Detailing Your Neckline

Most men opt for a look that gives their beards more of a natural look. However, an overgrown and patchy beard can make you look like a caveman, which may affect your personality. So here comes the necessity to break down all those factors by simply trimming the unwanted hairs.

However, you should keep certain factors in mind, such as not keeping the neckline too high, or it may result in giving your beard undetailed and an unnatural look.

Also, an ideal beard should seem like a natural extension down from the curve of your ear. The hair should lie between the neck and hair territory above Adam’s apple keeping the dimensions ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches in mind.

Taking care of your moustache

Taking Care of Your Moustache

A long and bushy moustache can look good on certain personalities, but not all men tend to have a clean look when it comes to keeping a long moustache. It’s because most men neglect the proper brushing of hair near the upper lip area, which results in a much-unpatched look. This unpatched look can make your beard look disproportionate in comparison with your facial hair.

So, to have a proper patched look, you need to pay attention to the goatee area of your mouth, especially when you’re trimming and shaping your beard. If not taken proper care of the beard, your Bushy moustache would give an undetailed look to your sideburns, neckline, and beard. One can also make use of rounded scissors to have a precise cutting of the hair.


So now that you’re aware of all the aspects of shaping your long heavy beard, you can start trying out the varieties of beard shape which you feel are suitable according to your face structure. You can also try experimenting with various hair products that will make your beard soft, look clean, hydrated, and easy to manage.

In the end, it depends upon you how you maintain your beard, trimming your beard once a week would do well on the part of keeping the beard shape on point which will be an add-on to your features.

That would not work for the people whose beard grows at a slower pace for them trimming once in a month would be advisable. As we all know, for most men growing a beard is easy, maintaining it, on the other hand, is the difficult part. Follow this guide, and you won’t find any difficulties maintaining your beard ever again.

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