How To Detangle 4c Hair?

4C hair is basically a project when you decide to tame it and style it, especially when it comes to detangling your 4C hair. So, what can you do to detangle your hair and not hurt your pocket and your head? We have just the solution for you! There are basic steps that you should


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4c hair is a project when you decide to tame it and style it, especially when it comes to detangling your 4c hair. So, what can you do to detangle your natural hair and not hurt your pocket and your head? We have just the solution for you!

There are basic steps & tips that you should follow. The most important of them all is to invest in good hair products.

#1 Step: Moisturise Your Hair

Moisturised hair is your best bet to getting good slip, and to detangle. While water is the best moisturiser, spray your hair with water or right after a wash. Spray the Cantu Coil Calm Detangler, which is a great spray to add shine and helps to detangle your 4c hair easily. Moisturising your hair with warm water and a leave-in is also a great way to detangling your hair. Shea Moisture Superfruit Multivitamin Leave-in Hair Detangler is a great addition to your routine.

#2 Step: Section Your Hair

The more sections you make, the better you can detangle your hair. Also, small sections make it easier on your hair to and also break them less. Always work from your ends to the way up and not the other way around, that way you will pull your hair less and break them less. The Tangle Tweezer Elite Midnight Black has a great grip on your hand, and its bristles help to detangle your thick and curly hair easily. It will also help evenly spread all the spray and cream if you have applied any.

#3 Step: Use Products That Have a Slip

This means a product that helps you glide your fingers thru your hair is what you are looking for. This helps you style and also helps in making sure your hair doesn’t snap while you are styling it. 4c hair is generally quite tangled and has a lot of friction in between its strands, and therefore products will slip help to detangle your hair better. Since you don’t comb every day, a lot of dead hair strands are stuck in your hair, so do not be afraid if you see quite a bit of hair while combing or detangling. Afro hair will either be wiry and coarse or soft and brittle. Either combination is bad and can cause severe breaking if not detangled properly.

Now What Products Can Give You Slip Will Be Mentioned Below:

Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners are a boon. They have a great slip and help your hair detangle easily. They help smoothen out the tangles or knots and thus makes it easier for you to detangle your hair. Many a time you can detangle your hair in the shower after you have applied the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner this will help save you time and energy.


Hair Oils are a great addition to a pre-poo for 4C or afro and curly hair. There are two types of oils.

Carrier Oils: Olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, Tea tree oil are just some of the oils that help retain moisture in your hair and also help you to take out your tangles easily.

Mineral Oils: These are antistatic oils and meltdown tangles. They are odourless and colourless. But a word of caution here, make sure you have conditioned well before you apply mineral oil.

Water from rice

Rice Water

Rice water has lovely deep conditioning and detangling properties. It helps smoothen out your hair and also adds extra shine to it. It is protein, and your hair can even get a great bounce from a rice water rinse.

Healthy Aloe vera juice in a mason jar glass. Top view scene on a wooden paddle board.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has several benefits, most of all, it helps retain the moisture in your hair after you have washed it. When applied to your hair it helps close the cuticles of your hair. Aloe vera also helps add shine and give your hair some elasticity.

Once you have applied either of the above-said products, you should move on to finger detangling your hair. This is a step before using a wide-tooth comb. This step ensures you don’t tug at your hair when using a comb on it. This also allows you to smoothen in some product.

Post the finger detangling process, use a detangling brush and comb your hair. Also, make sure you are gentle and have done it thoroughly, without any tangles left. Work your way up the hair and detangle. If you detangle natural hair from the roots downwards, it makes your hair tangle more and makes it more painful, and it also creates a clear path for all your tangles from the root. Also, never opt for a narrow-toothed comb, it will break your hair more than usual.

Twist and braid every section of your 4c hair and even curly hair types while you are detangling. That way you won’t get your hair tangled again. This will also help your hair have some defined curls & gives the best results for a long time.

While you are detangling your hair, make sure it is always moisturised. So, if through the process you feel your hair is becoming dry or it feels rough, immediately spray it with water or a detangling spray bottle. That easy way you won’t break your hair. Dry hair detangling is a big No. That is because dry is brittle, especially in 4c hair. And moisture will give it slip and also elasticity which will help your hair become pliable.


That was our article to help you know how you can detangle your 4c hair easily. Remember that patience, along with the products mentioned above is the key to detangling your hair. This is because pulling and hurriedly working on your hair can cause you to have more breakage than usual. So be patient and gentle, like you would be with a baby or a puppy. Your hair is a very important part of you, and being kind to it is necessary since it reflects your overall health too. It will not only make detangling easier but also increase the volume of your hair.


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