8 Halloween Hair Colour Ideas From Cute To Creative

What’s your plan for Halloween 2020? Are you looking for halloween hair colour ideas? If you didn’t think about it yet, plan this with us today while taking a joy ride of fun and frolic Halloween hairstyles. Why not have good fun with 2020 which is not less than a spooky and not so good


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What’s your plan for Halloween 2020? Are you looking for halloween hair colour ideas? If you didn’t think about it yet, plan this with us today while taking a joy ride of fun and frolic Halloween hairstyles. Why not have good fun with 2020 which is not less than a spooky and not so good year in many terms for all of us?

Sit with your little and elder ones in the family and just pen it down that you are going to have super fun inside the doors of your nest. No stepping out! COVID-19 gave us many lessons; one of them is to take out little time to have fun during testing times and make the home environment and heart feel furry light. Below mentioned hair colour ideas are surely going to add some spice to your fun this Halloween. We have heart winning ideas for you to turn Halloween into “Hello–win”.

Here, We List 8 Super Rocking Halloween Hair Colour Ideas Exclusively for You

vampy halloween - Halloween Hair Colour Ideas
Vampy Halloween


For most of the 90’s kids, love for the twilight movie, then eclipse and the breaking dawn–the love for the whole twilight saga still continues. All of us have seen many such movies, which had a vampire figure, we got a little eerie at first and then started loving it too.

When it’s Halloween, you must get yourself some really spooky-bogey look to have “Boogie-woogie–moments” Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray can help you get all the dark eyes attention on you merely by being a big-haired bloodsucker and Notoriously seductive. Vampire costume is not enough alone to freeze the show but intensely–hued hairstyle matters too. Dark brown or black mane, up the ante with a shine spray, would really work well for you. Sprinkle some fake blood stains too, let the ghosts feel insecure, you take a chill pill. Be vampire- ready Halloweener 2020.

spooky halloween


A theatrical hair colour such as powdered grey or salt and pepper is your weapon. The idea is basically for those who love going “traditional and classic” on Halloween. The perfect Halloween recipe for all you Victorian-era ghosts, Zombettes and Brides of Frankenstein out there is to get this super–legit look with some spray, to add volume just do a backcombing and get your “This is what I wanted” look in a few minutes.

This is fun with pale white makeup, as it adds the eerie factor to your look. To carry this witchy beehive all you need is to keep firm–hold hairspray such as Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray, it would keep your pouffe as it is throughout your party story. We bet, this is one amongst best Halloween hair colour ideas.

millennial mermaid - Halloween Hair Colour Ideas


Already a fan of Sealife? This is for you. If your tresses are long in length or even medium–spiff up your getup with some mermaid braid. A head-to-toe fishtail will make party animals around you jealous. Can you hear a siren? I can—pink shade with a sequined bustier and yes fishnet makeover. The efforts to put things right not only deserves a clap but selfies too. Click ample of them to cherish on 1st November 2020.


It’s completely your choice to go for a mermaid or unicorn look. You only need to make sure that you successfully make your mark with the mythological look. Make sure that you are rendered in the prettiest pastel pink, purple or teal hues. Mermaid’s hair is generally the focal point of the Halloween costume–get some embroidered fishtail you always dreamt of. You can also think of pinky hairstyles–after all, we can’t get enough of this since long now. If at all you are so taken up by this shade, let us tell you that it gives you a different touch—much more high notch look.

Halloween is here
Halloween is here


How do you find the woodland fairy costume? It is time to dress up those tresses with this fairy costume. Go crafty by adding some floral appliqués. You can accessorize some romantic waves styled from the centre part. It’s a festive season. Gear up Halloweeners! Ballet slippers and glitters can surely add some shine in the game. Get ready to give tough competition to all your competitors out there.

ZOMBIE DOLL halloween


Treat your eyes with this zombie doll look. How? Simple, get the highlights done for you, you can even opt for neon, we swear.  This is going to be your other naughty Halloween hair colour ideas. Some streaks of red or brown look on black or natural hair look fantastic. TRESemme TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel will help you pull all your hair locks with so much ease. You are nearing this Halloween, why don’t you just spread the “zombie-virus” before it really arrives? Enough of Corona!

Gothic model


GO DARK  –  Big–Hairy–Audacious hair goals are here. Try someone shade dark this time. Brown or black hair will make you look “good-to-goth.” The dark shade looks rich. Don dark lipstick–red to violet to black along with eyeliner so that you don’t leave any Halloween stone unturned. Picking up some fake blood costume would never be a bad idea, along with this look. A pale white face makeup will meet its purpose when you flaunt it with this Gothy girl look. Fire!!

karaoke style halloween


Falling lazy but still wish to feel karaoke? A simple pink bobbed wig can get you exactly in your dreams. I go with any possible Halloween look. Interesting, right? Good for worry-free partying even. Tresemme Colour Revitalize Shampoo and Colour Revitalize Conditioner will help you prolong the vibrancy of the pink way post-Halloween. We’ve got you there all covered. Do let us know your Halloween hair story in the comment section below, but before that…

Get. Set. Goth!!!


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