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Hair extensions are love! Aren’t they? But undue attention and less care can lead to the damage back. Though it sounds tough, taking care of hair extensions is not at all a big deal. All you need is constant care and a pinch of pampering to keep your hair away from damage, and help them in remaining stunning and looking healthy and strong!

Since the lifetime of hair extensions greatly depends on the way you treat them, it is always advised not to ruin them by following any sort of unprofessional approach.

Well, yes, the condition of natural hair also adds up to the lifespan; still, there are a few tips that definitely can improve the quality and looks, if followed correctly. So, here are ten major tried and tested tips that can be followed to keep your hair extensions in the perfect condition.

1. Detangle with love!

Hair requires brushing — be it of any type — and there is nothing not-so-known about it. But what needs to be known is that even detangling the hair needs a special comb or a brush to get a proper and precise outcome.

The problem with fine-tooth combs or brushes is that they tug your hair instead of detangling it. On the other side, special brushes are particularly designed to detangle extended hair. These brushes are not only gentler than the regular ones but are also safe for your extended hairs. It is suggested to detangle your hair every time before you wash them.

Always remember to detangle your hair ends first followed by the higher root side of your hair. It will ensure that the hair doesn’t tangle much. Also, avoid tugging the hair knots. In such cases, run your fingers through them to detangle gently and thoroughly.

Again, always be gentle with your hair!

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2. Choose your comb wisely!

We often ignore the value of combing — little do we realize that combing the hair matters a lot for our extended hair and its aftercare. For those who claim that it doesn’t, well, you might experience tangling and matting if you do not brush your strands regularly; which will make your extensions look bad and unwearable soon.

So let’s get back to the basics and try to learn the art of brushing or combing the hair properly to enhance the life of hair extensions. It is necessary to know and understand what type of combs would be apt for the extended human hair. A double row steel tooth brush would always be preferred over a plastic or wooden one. The latter ones are known to damage hair strands. There are a lot of great brushes or combs that you find in the section of hair extension care products. You just got to choose the best one for your hair.

3. Let your hair sleep, as well!

While you try to save your extended hair from getting damaged all day long, you probably ruin it by yourself while you sleep. Yes, the quality of hair extensions gets highly deteriorated while you are sleeping and the very reason for the same is the constant rubbing your hair faces against the pillowcase.

To avoid the same, you can simply arrange your hair in either a loose bun or plait. It reduces the risk of damage significantly — for both your extended hair as well as natural hair.

4. Learn the art of drying and styling!

Although it is always recommended to let your hair dry naturally, sometimes it is not feasible. You are suggested to apply a heat protectant and use a blow dryer on a low temperature in such cases. Yes, with hair extensions care, the rules change! Here’s a quick tip on the same.

  • Focus on removing the moisture from where the extensions are attached and from the roots of the hair.
  • Part off your hair in four sections and clip them away.
  • For every part of the hair, place a round brush underneath and blow-dry it.
  • Follow this process for all the parts and keep doing it until your hair is completely dry.
  • Remember to keep the airflow downwards, towards the ends of the hair.
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5. Find your hair extensions care products!

You must have realized by now that extended hair is more likely to get damaged as compared to the natural human hair — particularly on the joints. Thus it really matters what kind of hair extensions care products you are choosing.

Remember to apply a conditioner to the areas only where the extensions might deteriorate and not to the joints — mostly hair ends and shafts. Another concern regarding your hair care extension is proper moisturizing. Extended hair loses water faster than the natural hair, thus making it dry. So, conditioning them after every shampoo session is a must.

6. Say yes to hair oil treatment!

When we talk about hair extension care and its probable mechanical damage, we also point to the natural adverse effects like urban pollution, toxins, solar radiation, low and high temperature, oxidative stress, etc., these are not in your hands.

These factors affect a lot on your hair and scalp, thus degrading the overall quality. It gets weak over time and gets damaged. So, mechanical damage is not the only thing to worry about.

Despite buying all sorts of hair extension care products, there is something that most people neglect — the homemade remedies and natural hair oil treatment — which is much cheaper and healthier than the commercialized ones. Hence, get your hair some gentle oil treatment and massage to restore the subtle look and quality in quick time.

7. Blow it dry!

Blow dryers are the handiest accessories you can find in most of the homes. But yet, that doesn’t mean that they are great! Experts say one should not blow-dry the hair more than 70%-80% and leave the remaining to dry naturally — no matter how late you are getting for work. Also, you must always treat your hair extensions with either warm or cold airstreams as high temperatures make the joints lose.

And while you are blowing it dry, try to keep it at least 8-10 inches away from your head, this would lessen the direct impact of the heat. It is recommended to blow dry using cold airstreams which results in smooth and shiny hair which are more manageable and unwearable.

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8. Storing hair extensions

This point is for you if your hair extensions are non-permanent. When you are not wearing them, keep them in the original package in a cool and well-ventilated space and take them out and give them a gentle shake before using it again. Also, do not forget to brush them and tie into a ponytail before storing.

They must be completely dry before you put them into the package. Basically, be extra careful when you are dealing with non-permanent hair extensions.

9. No backcombs!

Backcombing of hair extensions is the primary thing that must be avoided while making the list of hair extension care lists.

It is the extremum and leaves hair knotted that further demands detangling and a whole lot of care again. It also results in the dismantling of joints and makes your hair extensions weak. Thus you should always refrain from backcombing hair extensions.

10. Clean the extensions thoroughly!

So this ought to be the thumb rule! Brush your hair properly and detangle them properly before you wash them. Please make sure that you avoid tugs while washing as well. It is always recommended to wash the hair under the shower as the water flows down the hair, leaving them detangled.

What’s more important is the speed of the water flow as the rapid flow can leave your hair damaged and dismantled while slow flow might not clean the hair properly. Also, using lukewarm water is always recommended as it doesn’t harm the extensions. And the most important thing — avoid using circular motions while washing your hair, instead move your hands up and down — this leaves your hair in a better condition.

Bonus: Avoid warming up the joints

Never ever place any sort of hair styling tools on your hair roots or where the hair extension joints are located. And always apply exclusive heat protection products before any hair styling.

Though it is suggested not to use hair styling tools much — the less they are used, the longer hair extensions last!


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