Everything You Need To Know About Barbicide Disinfectant

Nowadays, there is one thing going around the world in a high demand that is a sanitizer. With the rapid growth and spread of Covid-19, everyone is rushing to buy a good hand sanitizer that keeps them protected and worry-free. But it not only us that require to be sanitized but also all the things


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Nowadays, there is one thing going around the world in high demand that is a sanitiser. With the rapid growth and spread of Covid-19, everyone is rushing to buy a good hand sanitiser that keeps them protected and worry-free. But it not only us that require to be sanitized but also all the things we use regularly that comes in daily contact with our hands and skin such as hair styling and grooming tools need to be protected too.

Many hair styling salons nowadays use the method of sterilization for salon safety & to keep their tools safe and disinfected, especially those which comes in regular use by the stylists & provide safe services. The main purpose to go through such a process is to provide their customers with a safe and worry-free styling and hair treatment that can not infect them in any manner.

Further, you might be wondering that What is Barbicide Disinfectant actually and how it is important for the salon people and hairstylists to use them. The answer is very simple, it is extremely necessary to make their customer feel safe by providing them with perfect hair treatments and styling with sterilized tools and products.

Moreover, there are also some other places like the dentist clinic or various other places that use tools of any kind in their daily activities find the need to sterilize the tools constantly to make them free of infections. The need for sterilizing the tools have been growing with the rapid growth of this deadly virus that is not only affecting people but also the things and tools they use. So, currently, we have three major questions related to Barbicide Disinfectant which are as follows:

What is Barbicide Disinfectant?

As mentioned above, Barbicide is a disinfectant solution that is highly preferred and used by barbers and cosmetologists to disinfect their grooming tools such as combs, hair cutting shears, finest cutting edge instruments that are made from carbon steel and others. It was first manufactured by king research in 1947 Maurice king and later marketed heavily around the United States with the help of his brother James.

Now, Barbicide is one of the greatest United States Environmental protection agencies approved combination fungicide, germicide, pseudomonads and a viricide that is effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. the formula uses Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride as the active element with the presence of sodium nitrite and blue dye.

Further, Barbacide is sold as a concentrate diluted that has to be used in a ratio of 1:6 with water and every stylist need to have a container for treating and preserving their tools. It is also believed that the company technicians for this disinfectant claim it to be powerful disinfectants that maintain the colour of the product over time. In the US several time, barbershops were legally required to use Barbicide.

How to Use Barbicide Disinfectant?

The first thing to do to make accomplish your infection control process is to clean your implements thoroughly by removing all physical debris. Better to use plain soap and water to clean it before moving to use Barbicide to disinfect it.

Mix it

To accomplish your sterilization process you need to follow the proper mixing ratio of Barbicide that is one of the most important things to consider. The correct ratio is 2 oz. or ¼ cup of Barbicide concentrate mixed into 32 oz. or 4 cups of cold water. This is the proper dilution, if you wish to kill all the pathogens listed on the EPA enumerated label or for a full list see product label.

Further, all non-porous items & non-porous surfaces present in your salon should also be disinfected with this formula. Single-use items like nail files or neck strips should be thrown away after every time it is being used. Moreover, once you have mixed your solution there can be followed several ways that you can disinfect it.


To disinfect items like combs, shears, brushes and nail clippers, all you need to do is to immerse them in Barbicide for at least ten minutes. This ten minutes process of the contact time with your tools will help and ensure that all the pathogens on the label are eradicated. Once the contact time is complete, you need to remove the implements from the Barbicide and rinse them well with plain water. Then store the tools safely in an airtight container until you need to use them again.

Once the solution comes in contact with your tools, it needs to be changed after every 24 hours or sooner if it is contaminated. Better to follow all the measures for the security of your and your tools.

Spray It

On the other hand, as the counters and chairs are a little hard to dip in Barbicide, we have other useful solutions to disinfect them as they still need to be disinfected. Spray it properly through the spray bottle of Barbicide in the right amount on the counter, chair, mirrors, and sinks & another hard surface. Once again, these tools or things need to be visibly wet in Brabacide for ten minutes, after that, you can wipe it with a clean piece of cloth. In both of the scenarios, the ten minutes contact time is important for proper infection control.

With the help of these basic and important steps of using Barbicide, you will be thoroughly prepared to keep your salon disinfected and clean. It is a great option but makes sure you know and prepare yourself on how to use Barbicide, a staple in the beauty industry for almost 69 years.

Where can I buy Barbicide Disinfectant?

One can simply get Barbicide Disinfectant in the market and can preserve it for a long time to use for a while to clean and disinfect their tools and implements. The products are sold to professional beauty industry like barbers, hairstylists, and others through a large network of beauty industry distributors. You can also visit several pages and links to find the full line of products and distributors in your area.


All in all, now on as you know the product of choice, its uses, importance, and benefits of the Barbicide to disinfect the tools, you better learn its proper method that is also mentioned above. Advances the use and its process to deal with the infection and make every product and tool disinfected with the help of this amazing Barbicide.

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