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Wigs have been around since the Egyptian era. Men and women of that era used to wear wigs. They generally had shaved heads. The elites of the society had more intricate wigs that were worn by them. These Egyptians would wear the wig to save their heads from the sun and abrasive sand while they worked in the fields. Wigs made a late entry into the world of the English, somewhere around the 16-17th century wigs made a comeback. The rampant spread of head lice and abhorrently unhygienic conditions just made it easier for people to shave their hair and have wigs which were easy to de-louse. 

Its safe to say wigs are a major part of our past, present and future. The use of wigs can be fashion, to hide bald patches, while going through a medical procedure, whatever the purpose they are here to stay. Wigs can be tricky because they aren’t used by everyone on a daily basis. So, we shall help you understand the kind of wigs that are there and what are the terms used for wigs.

There are 3 primary ways wigs can be made with, namely human hair, animal hair and synthetic hair. The wigs have these basic terms that you should know about. One of the best wigs to start off with is the beauty works invisi clip in extensions. These basic terms listed down will come in handy while you go wig shopping

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It is a fine mesh that is assimilated into the cap of the wig. This mesh is useful because its almost transparent and your skin colour shows through the mesh. The mesh allows you to put it on your head easily.


Denier is a unit for measuring the thickness of one strand of hair. It is obvious that when a wig has a higher denier, the wig is heavier and fuller. Asian human hair is said to have higher denier than European hair.

  • WEFT

Weft is a single bunch of hair which is generally found in kits which have extensions. These wefts can be sewn together to get a cheaper wig rather than buying a fully hand-tied wig. Now that you know this hack, go ahead and buy yourselves a hair extension kit! The beauty works invisi clip ins are perfect for this. 


Returns are those little hair or baby hair as we call it which have been sewn into the wigs all around to give it a more natural look. These are also used to lessen the density of the wig on the underside.


Fringe is just a synonym for bangs. Fringes are generally side-swept and have a slant


To get that extra volume you need permatease which is basically hair densely packed and teased. This has more volume, makes your wig looks bigger. Its great to hide the cap of the wig.

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Density and denier are different. The density denotes how closely every strand of hair is sewn. 

  • NAPE

Nape as the name suggests is the area of the wig which rests on your nape. 

  • REMY

A remy wig is where the manufacturers describe the way the human hair was collected for the wig. In this wig the hair is collected in such a way that all the hair cuticles are facing in one direction. This may sound insignificant, but this type of a wig is of the highest quality and feel is very soft and supple.

There are many more terms which are considered industry jargon, but these should help you begin your wig journey easily. You can also big your wig journey by buying the beauty works invisi clip in extensions which are pocket friendly, easy to use and are available on cosmetize. Wigs are plenty, it is always advisable to see if it suits your hair, scalp, and most of all you. Wigs also allow you to experiment in looks, helps you figure out if that particular hair cut would suit you or not. Why wait for your wig journey, pick up this blog, take a print and get online or run to the nearest wig store to get your new wig


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