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Make up has been around since the Egyptians. The etymology of cosmetics came from the Greek word kosmetike tekhne it means “technique of dress and ornament”. Cosmetics have also been notorious to have caused injuries in the ancient times. From blindness, deformities, side-effects and even death at times. Ceruse (white lead) was used in the renaissance period, Lush Lure mascara in the 20th century cause blindness (yes beauty came at a price, a heavy one at that!)

We will be listing down the first 5 years of the 2010-2019 decade of makeup trends that caught on. Some stayed, some faded. The important point is beauty trends have been evolving since the start of the decade and we want you to decide what suits you best. And if you are wondering that a decade cannot change much in the make-up industry, then you are absolutely mistaken. A decade ago, Kylie cosmetics did not exist, Korean makeup trends weren’t even heard of. Microblading was not heard or even thought so. So, a decade later let’s see what has made a world of difference

dark lipsticks
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Dark lipsticks were the rage in 2010. These deep, eye-catching, and eye-popping colours were all but subtle. The goth-inspired look became a staple for lunches, brunches, and dinners. Black lipstick wasn’t reserved for Halloween anymore.

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Those bouncy blowouts from the 80s did a comeback in 2011. Blow-dry bars, yes bars just for blow-dried hair started popping up. These bouncy hair blowouts were seen on every head of hair in New York, London, and the red carpets! Blowouts were done at home as well, but the home heating tools weren’t enough!

smokey eyes makeup
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Although 2012 saw smoky eyes, smoky eyes have carried on till 2019. There have been many versions of smoky eyes, but they have always made people want to look sultry and sensual. An evening out with friends, wearing a sober beige dress and that will be amped up with a gorgeous set of smoky eyes. Smoky eyes also have a matte finish and shimmery looks.

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The French manicured nails were a classic, but they did become boring. Thankfully, designs, ideas and some seriously crazy wonky nail art came into existence. Many matte finish nail polishes along with a glossy finish top design work started coming up. These were the steppingstones to making more intricate and breath-taking designs.

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Contouring has been around since the time theatre was introduced. Contouring can be tricky but while it was a lesser-known concept, Kimmy K made sure we all knew how contouring is the perfect idea to having highlight your face and also decide on what makes you look even better with practice.

These are the first 5 years of the decade that was. Makeup can be seen as empowering, and life-changing. Makeup can sometimes receive backlash, but that is not how many of the women today see it. These trends have lived on or died down, but they did make an impact in the beauty industry.


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