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Round faces, cute but a difficult task to find a haircut which suits your face. Round faces have a bit of work to do since they have to either line their faces or give it a shape with your hair’s style. Hairstyles for round faced women weren’t in plenty back in the day. They used to suffer with hairstyles that made them feel absolutely horrendous. Listed below are some haircuts and hairstyles for round faced women.


  1. Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline fall in the same line, almost! And have almost the same width.
  2. Your face has about the same width and length.
  3. Soft features and no sharp angles on your face.

Now that you know how to measure your face, read on how to become that sensual lady rather than a cute baby face. Let’s see what can you do with your hair


  • Round faces should have to elongate their face by drawing the attention to their hair. Up dos and bumpits are a great idea to make your face seem longer and slender.
  • Layered hair is a great idea, makes your hair look longer and helps your face look longer
  • Curly hair if you choose, loose curls always, tight curls NEVER.
  • Straight cut bangs are not a great idea, but angled bangs will help your face look more angular, helping you look sexier!


shaggy bob haircuts for womenImage Source : hairstylesweekly

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Shaggy bobs are a great idea for round faces. An asymmetrical bob is even better because it draws the attention away from your face and the longer side of hair makes it more defining. Style this in a shaggy bob. Good to go!

Fauxhawks hair style

Image Source : hairstylesweekly


Absolutely a yes for a faux hawk coz its an updo and adds some much-needed height to your face. Fauxhawks are great for you to just grab a comb, some strong hold gel and done!

Image Source : Pinterest


If you have a glamorous evening planned out and still clueless, a side bun with longer bangs hide your cheeks and accentuate your jawline. This is perfect for an elegant dinner.

Image Source : Pinterest


Yes, curls are your friend too, but not the tight ones, they just poof up and look absolutely weird. You can always have a side ponytail and tease your hair around the scalp to help make it look bigger and fuller. These can help you not only save time but also the idea that curls should not be on round faces is just stupid.

middle parting haircuts

Image Source : Pinterest


Middle partings aid your hair in encompassing your face and hiding your cheeks. They also aid you in having a simpler day. You can also tease your hair on the top to make it look a little bigger.

Image Source : Pinterest

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Waves are a great decision and voluminous waves are even better. They are big, dramatic and also help take the attention away from the face.

We definitely hope you can try these out at home and if you need some products which will just aid that beautiful hair of yours you can find it on


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