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Hair care is tiring. We’ll just put it out there and say hair care is tiring. With the numerous things to be done before you have smooth hair, you might as well sleep off.  Hair care has an array of things to be done or used while also keeping our cool, so making life easier for you and helping you is what we do at cosmetize. Read on to know more about hair care tips which won’t cost a bomb but still help you have a head full of luscious hair.


That hot shower that you love, your hair doesn’t. Hot showers are a taboo for hair, because they make your hair brittle and drier. Hot hair over-cleanses your hair because it strips your hair of the oils. A lukewarm water shower is advisable, and a cold-water rinse is the best. Also, a hot shower dries your skin as well. You are welcome!


Make this a rule put in stone, DO NOT CONDITION YOUR ROOTS. Roots tend to get oily, so a conditioner will only weigh it down further. Conditioning from mid-lengths to the ends is perfect. You can distribute it by using a wide-tooth comb and distributing it evenly. It also helps you detangle your without yanking out your hair. 


Shampoo your scalp and not your ends or even the basic lengths of your hair because it’s the scalp that is oilier than the ends or even the mid-lengths. As you wash off the shampoo it will slide down your hair and wash off the dirt. It will keep the hair hydrated and save it from dullness. 


Thoroughly cleanse and rinse your hair. Any leftover product results in product build up, which makes your hair heavy, dust and pollution attach themselves to your hair making it dirtier. Leading you to wash more frequently and causing more damage to your hair, so you see it’s a vicious cycle.


Blow drying is not an easy task. You can end up with a cuckoo’s nest on your head if you aren’t careful. You can end up with a head full of frizz. Use a round brush and push it straight down from root to tip whilst using the hair dryer in the same direction. 


Having hair, which is parted differently every now and then, helps with the roots getting a lift. This also allows your hair to breathe and also gives your roots the lift the need. 


As much as we love ponytails (you know we all do!) they aren’t great for your hair all the time. They make your hair weak, make your roots frayed as well. Tie looser ponytails look for hair clips or ties which don’t harm your hair and break them as you wear it. Opt to leave your hair open, more often than not.

Hair is a lot of our character put into one place, hair can also be managed and changed as per our liking, so make sure you are kind to your hair. Make sure you love your hair as much as you would love your dog or your partner or your parents, they are all important! And of course get your products on cosmetize.

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