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The days are getting shorter and the hours of drowsiness longer – that’s right; winter is coming. And just like the Targarians, we too must prepare for the cold days that lie ahead. While you pick out your favourite jackets and scarves, take a moment to think about how you must protect your skin. Cosmetize has some solutions just for you:

Limit your shower time and temperature

1. Limit your shower time and temperature

There is no better way to scare the chills away than with a hot, rejuvenating shower. But the longer you shower in warm water, the greater the chances of your skin becoming dry and flaky.

Instead, use lukewarm water (even if you shiver a little!). It will not only prevent your skin from drying but also limit your shower time. Who knew you could take care of your skin and be environmentally conscious at the same time!

dont't forget to moisturize

2. Don’t Forget to Moisturize!

This one is easy. Make sure you moisturize your hands and face twice to thrice a day. Carry a small bottle of moisturizer in your bag so you’re always prepared on the go.

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But don’t confuse moisturizers with lotions! The latter is useful for warm and humid climates, but are no good for keeping your skin baby-like in the winter! Make sure you pick the right product that makes your skin glow in the wintry nights!

Opt for Gentle, Fragrance-Free Cleansers

3. Opt for Gentle, Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Nothing like soap to make your skin smell good, just like there’s nothing like soap to make your skin itchy and dry. It is essential to find the right soap for your skin. Fragrance free soaps with moisturizing cleansers or gel are ideal for the winter.

Limited usage of soap itself can help counter dryness, so use it only at essential points, such as your hands, armpits, genitals, and feet.

eat and drink right

4. Clothing Time!

Its winter and time to accessorize your wardrobe! All those cute mufflers and coats you were waiting to buy – now is the time! But beware of what you buy, for it will have an impact on your skin.

Make sure the clothing you buy is soft and skin-friendly. Rough clothing will irritate your skin and make it susceptible to rashes and dryness. So remember: looking cute is only half the challenge; the other half is to make sure your skin breathes comfortably.

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5. Eat and Drink Right

This may seem to be a trivial point, but your efforts on the outside must be matched with the efforts on the inside. Eating your greens and drinking lots of water will ensure your skin stays healthy and radiant. Consuming food supplements containing omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, such as fish-oil or flaxseed-oil, can also be hugely beneficial.

Combine the right diet with a skin-care regimen, and you are well on your way to becoming a Christmas miracle yourself!


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