Best Hairstyles That Men Can Create With Pomades

Hairstyles are not only reserved for women! After all, why should only women have all the fun of catching the attention of people around? Men have their own set of hairstyles that makes them ace their style game and cast a spell. If you are looking for some trendy hairstyles that can make any woman


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Hairstyles are not only reserved for women! After all, why should only women have all the fun of catching the attention of people around? Men have their own set of hairstyles that makes them ace their style game and cast a spell. If you are looking for some trendy hairstyles that can make any woman go head over heels, then you are at the right place.

The men’s pomades are used to create greaser hairstyles & different styles that suit men on any occasion. We’ve rounded up a list of the latest Pomade Hairstyles for Men that you can create a shiny look with the help of the best pomades:

Hairstyles That You Can Create With Pomades

1. Modern Pompadour To Add That Edge To Your Hairstyle!


The Pompadour, the hairstyle that drools you over is named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV. It has several variations that cast a vivid impact as it makes your hair look voluminous on the top as well as make you nail the classic contemporary look. Don on this utterly timeless hairstyle with a contemporary twist that helps jazz up your overall look. Best suited for round-faced men, it is one of the striking hairstyles that you can set with the help of a hair pomade & cream styling product. Also, Different types of Pomades should be applied to damp hair, not completely wet or dry hair.

You can use Fudge Vinyl Pomade to create a modern Pompadour as it holds your hairstyle throughout the day.

2. The Fade Comb Over That Makes Ladies Go Gaga Over You!

It is one of the best hairstyles around! Comb Over Fades look great with any hair texture and length. It is the best classic hairstyle for men where you sweep your hair to one side. This hairstyle works for all kind of look, be it for a hot-shot wall-street Casanova or a professional businessman type! Infinitely versatile, you can go for a low fade comb-over or a high fade comb-over, whichever suits you best! Give yourself an extreme and daring look with one of the high fades and make heads turn.

3. The Low Fade Faux Hawk That Makes You Play Up the Punk!

Do you wish to go for a less intense yet stylish hairstyle? The Low Fade Faux Hawk is a youthful hairstyle that stands out without appearing over-the-top. You must have a well-polished and well-put-together look to ace this hairstyle. Set your hair in such a way that they look volumized in the centre and gives a fade look to the sides with the best results. Get inspired for your next look with this version of Faux Hawk and play up the punk.

Make use of the American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade as it is a strong hold pomade to give extra hold to your hair! It also imparts a high shine on your hair!

4. High Fade Slick Back To Make You Look Youthful And Fun!

If you have a fade or an undercut to the sides, this hairstyle is just for you! It is slick style, it is hot, and it is a badass twist to your otherwise traditional hairstyle. It emphasises the top which is thicker and longer. A textured brush back while applying a styling pomade in your fine hair to give that high fade slick looks that give you the dapper look is something that you should not miss out on. It gives volume and height to your hair that craved.

5. Short Spiky Hair For That Bold Weekend Look!

Spiky Hair

For that lazy ass, Short Spiky Styles are easier to manage! You can keep the look simple and neat that cast gentlemen spell over people. Provide your hair with a stylish contrasting matte finish with short hair sides and long tops which gives you a bold yet subtle look. Spikes hold several variations, but short-spiked hair is something where nothing could go wrong! You can even make this your go-to style for hair whenever you wish to rock that night dance party!

6. Brushed Back/Up Hair To Give You The Best Laid-Back Looks!

Brushed Back-Up Hair

A simple brushed back/up hairstyle also does wonders! This style is for people who wish to keep it a little low-key when it comes to style their hair. This works best for all professional looks as well as outdoorsy look! This is simple to create with a touch of water-based pomade which makes your hairstyle stay for long hours. You just need to style your hair upwards as if you’re spiking but not actually spiking! Blow-dry your hair and continue styling it upwards to give it the main brush up look.

7. Quiff Hair Style To Give A Stark Contrast Styles!

The Quiff hairstyle is closely related to that of a pompadour where you sweep the hair back. This is the hairstyle that survived the test of time. It is best suited for professional as well as casual outings. Quiffs have a multitude of variations and they can be modified for any face shape, hair type and aesthetic. The hairstyle shows volume on the top and shorter hair on the sides which look fashionable with a high shine finish. It is a stark contrast style that can be set with the help of a much pomade or a gel, depending upon the types of hair hold you want to see.

8. Undercut Comb Over Hairstyle To Give You A Classic Look!

You could never go wrong with Undercut Comb Over Pomade Hairstyles! It is one of the coolest hairstyles around as it is one of the classics! In this hairstyle, the sides are cropped very short, while all the hair on the top is left long. To style your hair and have the perfect undercut comb-over, get your sides and back shaved! Then use pomade hair products to style your hair to look handsome!

Apply Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade on your hair to set your undercut comb-over hairstyle!

9. Angular Fringe Hairstyle

Angular Fringe Hairstyle has gained popularity among the guys of our society for the past few years. This is new and ultra-dapper for a man to own it! The sides are kept somewhat short and the top of your hair is relatively long. The length can vary according to your face shape and hair type. This is a medium-length style where the fringes rest above your eyebrows! To nail this look, all you need to set your fringes in a way that doesn’t get in your way of vision and should also look fabulous!

10. Bed Head Hairstyle For Sport Your Casual Yet Stylish Attitude!

Bed Head Hairstyle is one of the versatile messy styles that you create with your thick hair. The most interesting thing is that it suits all face shapes. It looks really good on straight or slightly wavy hair type where it looks so awesome that a woman can’t resist turning her head. The feathered ends should appear smooth and should look a bit tousled to impart that just-out-of-bed look. It flashes your casual personality and it also makes you look cool. Sport this men's hairstyle if you are up for a casual day out or a party with your friends!

Hope these Best Pomade Hairstyles for Men might look great on you as it is a good option that gives you classic styles & loose styles that suit you as well.

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